At the very least, because of how bad the AI is, the bots should be top tier with full moduels just to make them capeable of being accidentally useful sometimes.

As in the title FIX THE CAMERAS. They are a huge hindrance to being able to play the game as they are. If you have to shoot anything below you, you can't see it in the majority of the ships.

As well as today I had a game where I was in a dreadnought and had a corvette zoom in and plant himself right on top of me in a position that blocked off my camera leaving me COMPLETELY HELPLESS. If the camera gets blocked MOVE IT! or at least let me set a first person camera or something so that I don't keep missing certain shots because my camera shows me one thing, but reality is that my shots are blocked OR my guns decide to stop tracking the target I want because an AI fighter squad zips infront of my camera for 1 second causing me to lose my shot.

Also screw your word filter.

What I hate is how I keep getting contracts for it even though it never comes up. Some times I'll use up all of my rerolls and still end up with contracts I can never do.

Ah, so you mean specifically set your ship up to counter 1 class of ship, leaving you pretty much useless against other ships?

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-165940)

That's why it's a team game. Play as a team and you'll be amazed at what will happen.

If you can find a "team" in this game. Most of the time it's little more than a free for all with me trying to call targets and my "team mates" charging off to die on their own.

Also nukes are pretty useless. Their targeting sucks, they are very heavily countered by shields, they are too slow, and have a massive cool down.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-167642)

Ok, could you contact support and give the details there are they may need system specific information.


I can't use the in game bug reporter because the crash never triggers it.

As far as to what I'm doing, I either start the launcher and it crashes shortly after staring or I'll be in the middle of a game and it crashes causing my game to minimize.

I can force close the launcher at this point and return to the game and the game itself continues to run fine.

I looked and saw that there are issues with the launcher crashing, however none of them showed it with this particular message so I'll go ahead and post it.

It's been crashing almost constantly while in game and sometimes when I open it.

ABORT: Assertion failed (BufferIO->TransactionStart-1)

Unable to reset during transaction (bufferio.c/112)

Some of the problem comes from their briefings and techs that tier 4 corvettes get. I just played a game where the enemy team had a corvette that could just face roll us even though we tried our best to take him out. He would come in pop his shields and then had the skill that let him regain energy when taking damage. So basically he was pretty much invulnerable to us and was able to take out 2 tac cruisers (I was 1) and ignore the destroyer just 1km from him shooting him.

What's the point of them supposedly being a "glass cannon" when they can remove the glass part?

I'm getting to the point now where I don't have too much issue dealing with corvettes ,other than the self defense weapons having (can't say this word on a Christian board) range, but I am at a complete loss as what to do against a destroyer coming in to ram me. I've watched as a T4 destroyer will just come in and ram a full HP T3 Dreadnought to death and then proceed to kill at least 2 other ships before finally being taken down. And being stuck in a stock T3 tactical cruiser I might as well just quit the game if there's a squad of these guys playing together because there's nothing that can stop them before they wipe half your team in their first charge.