Has anyone else had this problem since the Steam launch? Today is my first try to actually play since the launch and I haven't been able to get into a single match. Logging in from launcher works fine etc and queue time for Vet matches are short, but can't get past infinite match loading. This problem used to happen way back when.

Another point to consider is, this is supposed the be a team based game. You can, but shouldn't, limit your module usage to only attack your current primary target. In 8v8 match you have 7 other teammates you can support while attacking a different target at the same time. For example, Stasis missile module is a great help to other friendly ships. Just dissable the enemy ship and let others to take care it. A team playing together will always crush bunch of solos.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-210748) said:

I got my 3rd T5 yesterday. Stop slacking.

Bro, I have four T5s. Git gud

I play on PC, but the situation is the same. And to be clear, I play mostly vette myself. On any tier, the most effective counter against vettes is to be aware of your surroundings. To be effective, corvette has to get fairly close. This is because main gun of a corvette is only about 33% effective past 1200m distance. So, if you see it coming, prepare and let your team mates know as well (tag/callout approacing vettes).

The matches I get most kills/points on a vette are those when the enemy lets me roam free and nobody tries come after me. Tacs are supposed to be the main counter against vettes. But the current meta, atleast on PC, seems to be 3-4 tacs per team, but often none of them cares or notices to target vettes, only focus on sticking to the healing ball.

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Hey DN-Team,

for me the gamekiller Number 1 atm is the endless loading bug, i really really really hope this issue is properly adressed in 1.10

if not

Guys, honestly - some players suffer from this for many month now - it should really be high priority!!!!!

The rest of the changes, lets see....

This probably isn't the right thread to debug this problem, but just a quick question. Have you tried fidling with your PC's virus scan settings? Some players have found solution to this bug by setting their virus scanner software to Gaming mode.

Its also worth pointing out, that you can change the appearance of every ship by switching cosmetics (hull, bridge etc.) from other tiers and hero ships you have bought. You can fly your T5 ship into a legendary match looking like a T3. Plus I'm pretty sure you'll be able to buy new cosmetics from the in-game market place soon. Skins and and decals have already been available for ever. Thats where the money comes from in free to play games, selling cosmetics etc.

I don't really play artys, so I don't have experience to compare T4 vs. T5. But what I do know is, you shouldn't fully trust on the ship info card stats presented in the game. Previously a lot of them have been out of date or simply wrong/buggy. So, before you deside to abandon T5 artys completely, confirm the difference between T4 and T5 stats from someone who actually has a T5 arty. Or better even better, if you can get confirmation from the devs.

I haven't played TE since it was reintroduced resently, but I have the experience with Onslaught. Very often it is the first time I queue for Onslaught for that play session. After crash I queue again and usually no problems. I have tested this by first playing TDM and then Onslaught and starting with Onslaugh, both ways resulting crash to hangar most of the time. Very rarely it happens while playing TDM. I'll test TE too this weekend.

Also the disruptor pulse's range is fairly short, like all corvette pulses. Plus corvettes can also be equipped with a scrubber module to remove all active debuffs (and buffs). All though, I'm not sure if disruptor pulse disables the scrubber module as well. If someone knows this, please share. I have the module, but haven't tried it.

This happens to me every time I launch the game. The cursor is stuck, but clicking left button refreshes the cursor and works fine after that.