UI scaling problems with higher resolution have been present for ages. Some of the cases are listed on the bug lists of the various patches. Mostly they consist of different UI components over lapping each other in the hangar view. Hopefully they will be fixed soon.

If some has done the math for different fleets, mainly veteran and legendary, I would be interested to know as well. And even if there is an optimum moment to pay for battle bonus, one thing still bothers me. You might be thrown into a match that is just about to end and therefore have no chance to gain any points before it is already over = battle bonus and the credits used to pay it are wasted.

Team Elimination game mode was disabled couple days ago, because some players were experiencing serious bugs. TE will be put back into the roster after it has been fixed. This has been done before to TE and Onslaught modes for the same reason and they have become available again as soon as the necessary updates were implemented. As for the contracts requiring to play TE, you just have to reroll for new ones for now. It is annoying I know, but its either that or wait for the re-release of the game mode.


By default, holding the F-key opens up the selection for a set of commands/messages. To call out an enemy, just point your cross hair at the enemy ship and hold F-key. This opens a selection of two commands, to either request fire support at the specific ship or to notify your team about the presence of the enemy. For any other type of message, point your cross hair to anything else but the enemy and holding F-key opens a different set of messages. You select the message by holding the F-key and move you mouse towards it. Releasing F-key sends the message.

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I would like to be able to select which ship I want to use. When i try to change my ship only the load out button appears at the bottom. Its a pretty terrible bug. Because i have no way of choosing what ship i want unless i only keep one ship in my hanger. I think this bug is linked to high resolution but I haven't tested lower resolutions to compare. I'm using 4k. Would love for this to be fixed It has caused some serious tactical dis advantages.

High resolution and some aspect rations too can cause the UI components to overlap each other and/or be misplaced. There are few threads on the forum about it. Just try to switch between different resolutions to see which works best for your screen at the moment.

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Thats correct, currently all servers for the PC version are in the US. Black Screen is usually a late join, which can also mean you are the replacement for someone.

Blоody hеll. Well, I guess I won't be able to play the game until this issue is resolved - unfortunately, I happen to be on the other side of the world.

P.S. The language filter is ridiculously over the top. Since when such light curses are forbidden?

I live in the UK and don't have the problems you talk about, my HDD is years old, too, I mean probably about 10 years old, maybe older. maybe the problem with your IPS is not the best, or maybe you have a low speed internet.

Also your system spec might give us a clue as to what could be causing the problem. When people say it's not my system, it normally is.

I'm playing from Finland and currently have only 10/10 Mbps connection, so I'm fairly far away from the servers too. My specs are little higher than yours Brother Belial (i5 6600k, 16Gb HyperX and 970Gtx) and don't have any problems described above. The missing sky bug used to happen to me too a lot more often, but not for a long time now. Even though my connection is slower than for many others, maybe mine might be routed better across the world? All it takes is one bottle neck to slow down the whole pipeline.

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TE 20, TDM 10, Onslaught 5

I noticed this, and I find no logic in it. I know I'm being overly negative here, but what sort of arbitrary rubbish is this?

Different game modes has to be scored differently, because your ability to get scores varies so much. For example, in TE match you can't keep healing your team mates that long, because they don't spawn back after they die. Also match time is only 10 minutes per round, TMD is 20 minutes. Onslaught match lasts longer, because it takes more time to get up to 5000 team points to end the match. In TDM a healer can basicly get God like points, if both teams choose to camp and shoot each other, while their healers stay in cover healing at close range and use all their modules to passively heal at the same time, for straight 20 minutes at best.

I'm not saying it is perfectly balanced, but the basic scoring logic for different game modes is fairly solid. The tanking and other missing bonuses are still either not working properly yet or not included at all, but hopefully will be added soon(ish).

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Anyone know if this happens with the regular anti missile lasers on a standard ship? (Not a fighter). Just curious if it's some glitch with only fighters or if it's the module itself, I have noticed ever since the ps4 wipe the lasers no longer stop firing when there is no missiles around and either shoot off into the ground or sometimes directly into a friendly tac cruiser (without killing it tho).

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Yeah, the problem is that antimissile lasers sometimes continue to fire at non-existent targets or miss on occasion. Whatever the cause, if an enemy gets in their way, their ship is done for. I don't know about lasers on large ships, but the ones on the fighters seem to instanenously inflict nearly unlimited amount of damage...

On PC the continuous anti missile laser bug was fixed on the last patch. Basically the bug just didn't turn off the laser's vfx after the module had destroyed the last missile. It didn't do anything other than that.

Maybe he sounds different because he's doing the ventriloquist act now? smile Not much movement on those lips, very impressive.


You can only have one loadout per ship and change them only in the hangar. In the orbit you can view your ship's and your team mates ships loadouts by toggling "X" key.


Can't say if its the same, I don't have one.