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Unrelated to the original topic, I've wanted to give Fractured Space a whirl. But I can't get past their hideous ship designs. For whatever criticisms people might have about Dreadnought, I've always thought their ship designs were absolutely gorgeous. Except Dolas. They look like flying turds (apologies to the designer).

Just curious, what about the ship designs are unappealing?

The respawn feature is great. It allows for players to be more flexible and adapt to each unique match. But then you individual XP for each ship. Say you want to progress down a destroyer tech tree, but there are several healers on the enemy team. So you have to choose between losing the XP that you want and going a corvette to assassinate those healers, or have to endure having all your damage being nullified. What if you want to play a healer but corvettes are killing you and your other squishies? Well screw you, you're gonna have to lose XP on your artillery cruisers if you switch to a destroyer or corvette. I can deal with grind, but when it feels like I'm being punished for adapting to each situation it completely ruins my enjoyment of the game.

This again? One word, radar. ABW corvs don't disappear off radar like cloak does, so just check your radar when healing. They blow energy on power to thruster, as afterburn has a 15 sec CD, so either they blow it getting in, then die, or they save it, and are a sitting duck on approach.

I was about to take that beta tester poll (which really needs to allow for more detailed answers), when I noticed the art on the first page.

You have some healer/light attack craft concepts, you have an Aion concept, an Athos concept at the top, and a ship that has the hull profile of a Vindicta with the building style of the Athos. At the bottom is sort of a cross between the Zmey and and the Monarch. But OH MAH GERD is that a CARRIER!?

That carrier in the top left looks absolutely amazing. There are going to be some problems regarding small ship balancing and such, but it would be so very cool to have a carrier class ingame.

I remember someone saying that you get 5k FP everyone 5 levels, so I went crazy getting those officer briefings, in expectation to save the 5k I would get from lvl 20 and 25, then buy a Kreshnik, but it seems I only received 1k? I was planning on getting it and having some fun before the terrible tier system arrives, but it seems I may not be able to.

+1 to everyone's advice, however, I would like to say I'm not diving two Vindictas, usually I kill one and the other has just arrived. I may be bad, but I'm not that bad XD.

I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, now that it has devolved into a timezone/suspected racism discussion, but I suggest to all the anti-ABW people t go play a corvette with ABW, torps of your choice, pulse of your choice, and afterburner. Then you will understand how royally f**ked you are when you've blown all your cooldowns, you can't get away in a Fulgora or Kreshnik in time, and your low health in a Valcour gets you killed. If you save your Afterburn, you are visible. People mention cover and such, but there still is a travel time between getting out of cover and initiating the attack. When they pop out of cover, they are on radar. Playing a corvette with such long ability CD will also let you know how screwed you are when you get hit by a disruptor missile. That's 11+ seconds for a Athos or Vindicta to get in there and tear you apart.

Without cloak, which is the slot ABW takes up, there's a little something called radar. Positioning is a basic skill, if you park your ship where a vette can come right around the corner and unload on you you deserve to die. If you have good positioning and situational awareness, you will detect a vette with ABW on approach. Let me reiterate, it has only 1.6km range, and is prone to failure at the outer edges of that range. They are a sitting duck.

Jesus Christ people. Its obvious they are coming for you. Ok, you die once. Well guess what, you know they are running ABW. It has a range of 1.6km. It isn't a magic teleport to target then do plasma ram damage. First, it does less damage than a plasma ram, and I think a Talionis with a thrust amplifier has a better effective range with the Plasma Ram than a Corvette with a ABW. It takes away cloak, so they can't sneak up on you unless you don't have situational awareness. It takes away the 6 second CD normal blink, so that's mobility down the drain. They afterburn in? It can only oneshot other corvettes, who can dodge it, a Cattaro, who has teammates, or a Nox, but a arty cruiser is dead to a corvette anyway. It's really easy to kill a corvette on approach becasue they have no way of sneaking in, and no quick cooldown blinks. If they afterburn in, you can kill them, even if you get one-shotted, they now have no way of escaping with a 15 and 25 second cooldown on the Afterburner and ABW respectively, so boom, 1:1 trade.

It's also hard to aim, because of the camera being above and behind the ship, you it's really a guesstimate where you are going to go. Frequently it fails as well if they try and blink in from max range, I've stopped short many times while running ABW even when i was within 6km of the target.

Tldr: ABW takes away sneaking in, or mobility from short CD normal blinks. If they afterburn in, they can' escape, so usually at worst is a 1:1 trade for your team. It is hard to aim due to the third person camera angle.

I believe there was aim assist for the zoomed in view before.