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If the game cant handle my network speed and ping rate, why would I go on? I'm not telling people to abandon it, obviously. I just hope my problems get solved.

The new devs that seem to be in charge of handling the updates are very active on the Dreadnought Discord channel and always eager to learn about current bugs and crashes. You should ping them there and file a bug report.

Hope your issues get resolved soon!

Thanks. I posted a few vids in their pc-bug-discussion

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Anyway. I'm out until the next update

I personally didn't experience any of the above mentioned bugs, and neither did any member of my clan. With that being said I have to admit that in one match one member of my team spawned under the map and stayed there for the entire duration of the match so apparently these bugs do happen in some capacity.

All the issues are possibly lag related which were mostly all fixed for a period of time. prior to that all these issues existed for me. and this version all the problems came back from the time the update happened...

Just saying it has become unplayable because of weirdsm... and you know I been playing this game long enough to for my claims to be credible

However I don't think that this issue is as widespread or as severe that it would warrant abandoning the game entirely but of course your mileage may vary.

If the game cant handle my network speed and ping rate, why would I go on? I'm not telling people to abandon it, obviously. I just hope my problems get solved.

Last update bring in bugs from 2 version ago...

hits not registering, instant death, most games end in total a** wooping, ghost spawns are back. It's like they reverted the game 3 versions back or something

Did they revert to 3 version back because all that was fixed last version?

also when the actual eff are you going to fix the global chat and that effing □□□□□□□□□□□ bug ? Im tired of not seeing what I'm typing. That has been "NOT FIXED" for a year and half ffs

Anyway. I'm out until the next update

ICU later

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Yeah, I'm really not sure why they messed with that primary gun... As a dreadnough player I used the primary at long distance for cover fire, and at close distance as a more powerful but slower shooting gun than the secondary mid range fast guns, meaning I have to acutally play the game modules and power manips and gun switching as much as any other ship... ... now that cover fire seems to be as damaging as a vette in mid range... So it's hamering everyone rn

The excuse given for the amping make no sense. it's basically fixing a non existant problem of new players not realising the use of the gun... meanwhile the veterans are nuking everyone in sight..

Why did they simply not jsut make the seconday gun the primary one if they were so concerned about wanting the primary to be causing more dammage?

I calculate about 20 players an hour are playing now and more each week...

I agree that there has to be a narrower gap between the tiers.

Im eating the t2s in veterans and I cannot (t3 tac) heal a t2 dread fast enough when it fights a t3 dread

Is there any chance this game could have programming module so that I could write an AI for this. There used to be a lot of AI challenges in game devs comunities. this platform would be perfect for that.


I would have the system do at minimum a 4vs4 game where bots are allowed in. else the game is real people, with more and more actual players, I dont really care if it's 5 v 6 on the way to 8v8

Optimizing maps is likely the only thing they can do right now

definitly the engine is good. the thing just needs more diversity in play. unfortunatly there is not enough people to add more types of games... and defnitly this game, the type of game being played is getting stale.

also they lost the plot by making changes in the level match distibution because people were complaining... They made the changes so your lvl 4 ships can only be playe in legend and all the old players who grinded for a year and a half, like me, basically got locked out of they ships because eventually everone fleed the game having to either

1)Play the cr appy ship you'd abandoned months prior or
2)get bundled in with legendary players

resulting in a mass exodus of moderate players. lets not discount the bugs and all

anyway. the game deserves a chance but it deserves a change

some other types of game possibly. it's a space game. there are plenty of concepts to explore...

I'm pretty sure things are happening on the back end. you may have noticed a lot less crashes, disconnects and server hangs. aside a few acceptable edge case squewy physics mechanics, there has been detectable improvements over the last few months.

All so have you noticed the levels gradually have more details each day? So we know at least one level designer is working...

On the subject of balancing... things seem pretty balanced for my opinion...

The problem now is more about how to make the success that it aint... and for this to happen, there is going to have to be an open discussion, preferably on this forum, were we can give feedback and talk about it...

I would consider myself an early adopter of the game. I actually paid to participate which basically equivalated to a newcomer buying one or two of the hero package... anyway.

Going into this I thought I would participate in making the game better... and I did, by participating in playing it... people about my time also hoped to participate making suggestions about the game's evolution...

In the early days, we'd log a bug, we'd get an email, some feedback... no more...

Sometimes they heard us but often the reply to your suggested was unexpected...
Like the time we asked the hanger be less a gpu hog. they responded with a more effing complex hanger!!! the hanger goes 98% GPU... and gameplay is effing 60%. I mean "You done effed up" as Angry Joe would say...

Or when we said we wanted to filter the types of games we want to play, but instead they responded by removing the team survival mode...