more ship color coating packs and patterns available, getting them one at a time, per ship is just annoying.
More ship options in the hero ship list. Customize is the name of the game, right?
Most/all options available in the Online store and in-game store.

The coatings and patterns are the biggest, theres so much potential here to let me make my ships somewhat unique.

Where are the metalics, aged, war-beaten or high contrast options? What about metalic and reds, blues or blacks... seems like theres lots of room for options here.

just unlocked t3, and its garbage. All the matches against fully upgraded t4s with high level pilots.. particularly t4 corvettes.. yea, so far.. cant say im super interested in continuing the punishment. guess ill go back to wot for a bit, and hope.

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-214613) said:

Everybody's had to do it so clearly it isn't impossible. You get greater rewards for killing higher tier ships, you have a range advantage over EVERY TIER 1-5, there are also a couple module in t3 without the debuffs t4-5 bring.

Everybody may have to do it, but.. doesnt make it fun.

Greater range means you're far more likely to be out of possition so corvettes can eat your lunch.

Modules cost 2x or more what they did in t2 and theres 3 or 4 rows instead of 2, which means the grind is far worse even with the boosters and such.

How many games do you have to play at t3 while I feed the other team before it starts being fun again? In all the matches i played today at t3, only 1 game was fun and it wasnt even a win. The rest of the time i spent getting nuked or straifed and fending off t4 corvettes all while i try to use my range advantage. I dont have any modules unlocked... so, no thanks. I have a t4 hero ship, if i play veteran at all, it will be in that. It may not be as good as a tech-tree t4, but at least i'll be competitive, and forget about legendary.

t3 is a t2 with a cooler looking ship. I dont mind it being hard or at a reasonable disadvanrage, I do mind getting wrecked match after match with little recourse or reward. The 'grunt' fleet im suggesting would solve this.

just played several t3 matches today, first matches at t3... and my god, does it suck. t4 ships basically wreck everything. its impossible to play a new t3 arty cruiser. t3 corvettes are clawless. Healer is about the only t3 that isnt terrible, but, gets severely out-healed by the t4 tacs and cant really heal enough to keep a t4 alive. I really dont see how t3 is a progression... they're all just lambs for slaughter.

going back to t2 where its still possible to have fun, t3 is garbage.

I was going to add another post for match history, but perhaps you're right, maybe it fits in the statistics page.

Why is there no match history or session stats? For me, im totally fine with it being session based or something like 24h. While im sitting in the hanger, I want to look at the batch of games of the day and figure out what ships I need work on. This might even be something you store client side, so its no server burdon since its just stats.. dunno, but, match history would be very helpful.

Just some low hanging fruit here, heres a couple three obvious (to me) ones:

The section labled 'ship usage' shows time spent in each ship, but id also like to see battle count in each ship.

I know this has been said, but, please add relevant descriptions for the ribbons

The 'average heal points' seems to calculate over total games played.. but i cant find any other ships that can heal but tac cruisers, so, can we limit that average to tac cruisers games played? If other ships can heal in the higher tiers, at least break it down further by ship type? Maybe im mistaken, but it doesnt make sense to average over all ships when most of them cant heal. which severely distorts the significants of displaying the number at all.

At either side of the current fleet showing, id like to see direction arrows that allow me to cycle through the currently visible ship. Put a highlighted box on the current ship with the arrows changing the ship and moving the highlight to the new ship. Then, the current action of clicking the ship going to the editing frame for that shio wont be the only way to display a ship i want to look at in the hanger.

Also add an 'a' 'b' tab on top of each ship in the displayed fleet so i can change the loadout visible.

With such an emphasis on visuals, i find myself looking at the ships and wanting to tweak them periodically when i get a new color or unlock a new ship that i allows me to modify a current one. but its lots of clicks just to look at the ships. too many.

Currently there are 3: Recruit 1-2, Veteran 3-4, and Legendary 4-5. There are 5 tiers of ships. This results in tier 3 never being top tier. Please add a 4th fleet 'Grunt: 2-3'. This means that 3s will get some love, progression will be smoother, and the matches will be more even in terms of power distribution. Tier 3 then stops being a wasted tier.

If tier 3 intruduction of officer briefings is a problem, which i personally cannot attest to. Solve the power gap with 3s getting Officer Briefings by simply blocking use of Officer Briefings in Grunt.

This will have a side effect of further splitting the players, but will be better in the long run when the player population starts picking up. The other side effect is that tier 3 wont be a lost tier, meaning that people wont just remove all their t3s and never play them again once they're fully upgraded. Not everyone wants to rush to the top tier.

AS FOR ME: I want to play all the ships past tier 1, some of them look cool and i dont want to play 10+ hours of tier 3 only to never fly them again once the 4s are unlocked. Im sitting on all the t2s unlocked, but am honestly not looking forward to a longish grind in 3s as bottom tier with the only reward for all that time spent being unlocking a t4 to grind again so i can play legendary without getting stomped.

Make tier 3 relevant.

also a new player, and.. i didnt know it existed until a couple weeks ago... so, somehow its been flying under the radar, at least mine and i try to stay close to new games like this. Dunno if its dying, but, seems like while the core of it is good and fun, it sure needs some work, specifically on the UE and the complete void of info out there about it. A wiki with real info would be nice. BUT... ill buy some stuff to see if i can help keep it alive so they can keep fixing it.

Are there any folks signed up to edit/update the wiki? Folks to do ship and module reviews? Best practices for configurations or suggested configurations?

The wiki is severely lacking, im still way too new to offer much, but id be willing if there were distributed resources that need to be collected and put up... someone needs to do it. new folks have no hope of figuring all the modules etc out without some wiki help