Corvette Assault blink warp is needed because when there is no way to kill heavy shielded targets like tacticals or ships that focus on buffing his shields to survive you need someoen to counter that and bypass shields, thas why ram and slice dmg is needed, tacticals can get easly 85% dmg reduction shields + armor or even more, they have unilimited shields. You need somehow to counter that.

Dread figthers module should be able to target enemy small craft making them a good counter mesure against bombers, interceptors and repair drones.
That would make them more useful from their current status.

There is some good builds around finishing people with modules that also have good utilities like Disrupt, Drain or Stasis. So you can have a competitive build and get the contract done.
It all depends on the playstyle you choose to do the contracts, going full offensive modules may not be a good idea in many cases.

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-223533) said:

I know that we've had a few reports regarding projectiles not firing when intended, or just not connecting when they clearly should be. We're still looking into it.

This is from today stream, I can report this happening consistently on many maps.
It can be map hitbox issue or Oberon arty turret issue.

+1 When I first bought the grenada I was expecting it to be automatic like I was used to the Ballista and Onager 2 shots autofire. Keeping it automatic would be more confortable and if you also use rapid fire then less mouse spam click.

Hey, I bring this video to show some of the most strong bugs currently alive in the last DN version. As you can see on the video they are easy to recreate so hopefully they can be fixed for the next patches.


I would bought more Reaper coatings and futy paterns if I would know they will be gone -.- there was great variety to choice before but now there is almost any interesting coating left to buy.... Would be nice to have them back, at last devs could warned that there were about to get them out of the store.

So far if you are farming and rushing XP you must kill the command ship and all other npcs as fast as you can, defending dont give you any points so its not worth it.

Those pods need a hit box, right nwo they dont have any and in many cases they perform to well and there is nothing to do aobut them, if you have flaks or rapid fire weapons then maybe you can take them down but others ships are just usseles and cant do anything, the arty pods are just non sense, they kill you and you cant do anything about them...

This is a game breaking issues that must get adressed as fast as possible, its some basic stuff, pods must have a proper hit box and should be able to be selected as target.

I like how my Destroyer gets one shoted by corvettes even when my shields are on smile