thatshadyaznkid#7745 posted (#post-131643)

The energy touch pad responsiveness is atrocious. Idk if it's mycontroller in particular or not but I feel clicking R3 (or at least the option of) would be so much easier to divert energy to necessary functions.

oO-Shaolin-Oo#8610 posted (#post-131595)

Can you add a mapping which show the energy wheel by pressing R3 instead of using the touch pad ?

In a fight while moving the right thumb from R3 to the touch pad we can lost the focus on the ennemi ship.

It's not your controller. I'm using 2 brand new controllers and have issues constantly. It's getting to the point of being so frustrating that I can o my play 1 maybe 2 matches then I have to go to another game.

Am I the only one that thinks giving out free tier 4 ships was a huge mistake? It seems that most matches now are extremely lopsided. One team has 2-3 rank 5 or lower players while the other team is all rank 15+. Not to be rude but most new players do not have the skill set to compete with high ranking players even with a tier 4 ship. That's the entire point of having the recruit class. To give players time to develope the skills sets needed to match against higher ranking players. At the very least matchmaking should take rank into consideration and not lump all the low rank players on the same team.

Anyone having issues where your shields are taking multiple swipes to activate? Or getting a large lag between activation and your shields actually going up?

Yup and I'm about to delete the game because of it. No game is fun or worth the time when you have to wait that long to play it.