Matchmaking is taking ages, where is everybody?

A month ago everyone was playing solid line combat, where everyone has a role. But now the community has seemingly devolved into a bunch of Rambos running everywhere. Making the game almost unplayable for tactical cruisers, dreadnoughts or heavy destroyers. What happened?

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Jawayne is correct. If you bought one you can still buy the other. However, there are no upgrade or deduction prices given if you previously owned one of the packs. That being said, our teams are looking into alternate packs to provide in the future.

Ok thanks

Just a bit of salt here. I purchased the mercenary pack ages ago thinking it was a limited time "founders" edition, but the game is now in free open-beta and is still offering these packages? Am I mistaken?

Seeing as this got necroed, I feel like I might as well update:

I like the Jutland, it is a good ship. It's a shame that you HAVE to use it a certain way though, and not how you want. the warp drive is NEEDED or you just can't use the ship. (personally I wanted tractor beam+armour amplifier to work but they don't)

I still stick with my original point though:

Dreadnought's primary weapons should do more damage than the repeater guns, and maybe have a longer reload to give the secondaries a use. It is insanely stupid when a behemoth of a dreadnought warps next to a ship, only to use its tiny little peashooters on it instead of its massive cannons.

Everyone complains about corvettes, so something needs to change there (personally I don't have an issue with them, but that's because I primarily play Dreadnoughts and Destroyers)

Dreadnoughts primary guns do less damage than their secondaries. What. They need a 20-30% damage increase to actually be useful. It is so goofy when a monarch warps next to someone only to shoot at him with their tiny little repeater guns instead of their huge cannons.

Some individual ships need tweaking.

That's all the balancing issues imo

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I'm a Jutland and Monarch main and its not weak.

Mods to use: Repeater Guns, Plasma Broadside, Light Missiles, Stasis Pulse/Armor Booster Pulse, Warp Jump

Officer Briefings: Retaliator, Module Amp, Slow and Steady, It's a Trap

You combo would be Repeater Guns + Warp + PTW + Plasma Broadside + Light Missiles

The burst damage goes around 25k and will kill most targets in 3 seconds as long as it is not healed. It can also be used to hunt corvettes.

You need to position well to activate It's a Trap, it gives you unlimited energy thus a permanent shield and also activate retaliator so you can chain broadside.

If you reach the Monarch you can drop the Repeater Guns in favor of Heavy Mortar.

K thanks. I think I'll stick to light/medium dreadnought and heavy destroyer main, but will try to learn heavy dreadnought on the side and use it as a situational "icebreaker" ship.

Just had a game with the Jutland, trying to use the warp style hit and run tactics. 1 kill, 2 deaths, 1 assist. Really not feeling the love for the Jutland lol

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A true "tank" does barely any damage, so in that regard the Jutland should already exceed your expectations. As was already mentioned the game (imo) rewards battle experience. The better captains are better because they've played thousands of games.

Having said that, maybe the Jutland really isn't for you. I have all three T4 dreadnoughts and to be honest the Jutland didn't suit me (hence why I suggested the Lorica). Though maybe not right now, as their shields are currently bugged.

Yeah I like the light and medium dreadnoughts, which is why the Jutland was such a surprise, it completely failed at the role I thought it would fulfil.

Alright, I guess I will just have to use it as a warp in/out ship rather than the true tank I was hoping for. I still think the primaries need a buff though. Again, using the secondaries instead of primaries should never be the go-to option unless it is situational (eg. reload or corvette harassing you).