Increase respawn times. Problem solved. How they scale it is down to the devs to sort out.

And team stacking isn't griefing? right... carry on

I'm sure they will come up with a solution of their own if they want to retain players.

yeah, punishing players to play your game is the answer... >_>

Yeah, I've reach the wall where entire squads of max levels are stacking teams. Glad I didn't waste any money, only my time looking for balanced matches.

Getting bored of the grind for ships and utilities... Can't we just remove the XP requirement for them and just use the credits for unlocking everything? Earning everything twice seems an inefficient use of time.

I like this game but there's not a lot here I can spend money on. The dreadnought welcome pack looks interesting and was tempted but since I've worked up to tier 4 already, seems a bit of a waste other than having that permanent bonus for the hero ship. What I would like to buy is:

  • Single/cooperative player campaign with a demo sample of first chapter,

  • Any additional campaign chapters after the first as optional DLC,

  • From a much larger variety of hero ships and hull configurations,

  • regular low cost subscription for access and maintenance of multiplayer servers and their modes (free 1st week, 2 day weekend, 7 day week, 4 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, life of the game, etc) that is moderated by yourselves or free community run servers moderated by ourselves.

Uh, a 5K no fly zone around an entire team of ships is a little bit OP don't you think?

Oh well, it's been fun whilst it lasted...

Just played a legendary game where my entire team got destroyed with little to no hope or explanation to countering the white beam. What is it, a glitch? A bug? An exploit? I think I’ll stop playing now till that gets fixed. :/