reduced prooving ground rewards by 50% and they where allready low past tier 1 prior to this update.
forcing pve players into pvp is not how you prevent them from uninstaling the game.

after further testing today, prooving grounds stops giving rewards for ship kill/assists when you hit a K/D of 12 for the remaining match, 90% of the time.
i played 7 games today, only in 2 of them did i get full rewards. i had a K/D of 15+ in all the games.

allso, it does not distribute bonus xp amongs the other ships in the fleet in the reward screen.

well if this is your first game of this category then have fun and enjoy. a tip: these types of games gets MUTCH better whit friends on voice comms.

for me it is the 5th game of this category so the wow factor is gone. now i only fokus on 1 thing in these kind of games: the grind and endgame content.
sadly no endgame content so no real reason to grind, and when it comes ot the grind itself the ps4 version has hopes, pc dont. stuff takes 3-4x longer to unlock on pc then ps4 even on tier 2.
if current pc update hits ps4 then im on a long brake until they reduce the grind.

In proving ground, if your doing well, aka raking up the kills and not dying, the game will suddenly give 0 rewards for ship kills, or support rewards if you are a healer and have yet to die. this happends in the later stage of the match.
At that point your total rewards stops to increase AND your final rewards both xp and credits is cut by half of what you should normaly get when you get ot the final result screen.

This happends to me in every 4 or 5 battles, regardless of class i play.

you dident happend to place your tier 2 ships in the veteran fleet?
recruit fleet is t1-2, veteran is t3-4.

if you placed your tier 2 in the veteran fleet and lancuhed the battle with the veteran fleet, you would be qued up with other veteran fleets and they moust likey have tier 4s in theirs.

yea, it is odd cuz the pc version has the option to keep on playing whit the team you allready had.

yea, the suicide rush from the bots needs to be reprogrammed. only thouse corvetts should do that, but reality is it is the dreads and destroyers that does it moust of the time.
it is happening on both sides and it aint fun.


there are some clear differences, i see that now, but it is primarely in the pve rewards and the overall grind.

on ps4, the grind is faster. stuff costs less to unlock both xp/creds and the rewards are higer for pve. pvp is more or less the same, aka it varys on skills.
maybe itz cuz the avrage console player spends less time per game title then the avrage pc player does, idk. if you want fast progression play ps4.
ps4 allso has 2 more game modes then pc, pvp team elimination(no respawns) and pve havoc(vave survival), but you wont realy find players for elimination cuz what is the fun in no respawns??

the only things better about the pc version is it is 8v8 insead of 5v5 as it is on ps4, and pc version has a better battle UI.
since there is no "lobby chat" in either version, i reccomend that you stay on the ps4 unless you have RL freinds who plays the pc version.