the best possible nerf would be 25% chance on hit to reduce movement speed by 30%

that way its not a guarantee at all. You could empty a magazine and not slow at all or bring them to a halt. Likely it would rest somewhere in between.

tractor beam, you can still move somewhat. Use power to thrusters and break line of sight, tractor beam goes away.

I play tac cruiser a lot. If i see a vette near by and i have beam amp i can level them with my main beam. Swapping to secondaries if i get the jump on them but swapping once they are on you means you're dead. i can either kill them or get them close enough another ship near by can finish them off. awareness is the key. If in a tac cruiser everytime you use auto repair cam around and see whats going on. Do not get stuck in the tunnel vision we all have.

"Battles in space" by me @Starrskream_ @playdreadnought #dreadnought #StarrskreamGaming Music is my own creation. Enjoy!

I wrote the music and edited all the video.

Warp in bug...force warp in timer (even though i pressed spacebar) the timer counts down and just keeps looping.

game breaking issue.

why not just add a buff to ships that get mismatched? Like if your in a t1 against a t4 they get like 10% better stats overall.

it might not wind the battle for them, it could help even the odds. You could even scale the buff based on gap. maxing out at 10%. so for a t2 vs t4 it might be 8%, no t3 to t4 boost. you would only want to boost t2 ships and t1 ships with this. Loads of games normalize stats like this to assist with dungeon crawls, or pvp balancing.

i cant tell you how many times we have talked about this in discord. Mostly jokingly tho. it would be a cool thing. I'd pay 50gp for a colored beam on my heal ship. The devs would have to make the attack colors not available or alterable though.

like a rainbow beam(LOL) or a white beam, or something else for the HEALING beam only. that way if you are attacking someone they can still tell. it could be highly OP to make beams of other colors for attack as it could disguise the attack too much.

We are an international multi gaming guild. We have been around since 1997!

If you need help find me in game, I'm on A lot!

You will need to create a free forum account and then fill out the application. If you app is not approved in a timely fashion please get in touch with me in game.

So who is Covenant Of The Phoenix?

I. Intro

Covenant of the Phoenix is an international gaming community that maintains high standards of game play and tactical pvp while still maintaining a close-knit family atmosphere.

The guild was established in 1997 on the Great Lakes server of Ultima Online and was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood and thrives because on-line adventure games are more fun in the company of kindred spirits. We have consistently been involved in many of the most active MMORPG PvP servers, including AC's Darktide, SWG's Bloodfin, AOC's Doomsayer, Darkfall's EU and NA servers as well as PvP servers in Rift, SWTOR, Vanguard, CoV, EVE, Wurm, ArcheAge, BDO and PFO, WoW among many many others.

Currently we have several hundred members spanning about 55 different games. Despite the size, each chapter still remains a close knit team atmosphere.

Since it’s inception, CotP has branched out into a wide variety of MMOs and other games. Visit our site to see all the games we are playing. We also run servers for FPS games, Ark, Minecraft and Life is Feudal.

We are much more than just a guild, we are a family. The community is very active in the management of the guild and the website. All members are viewed as equals and are not considered just another number.

Our membership ranges in age from teens to the late sixties and geographically spans the globe (although most are adults residing in the North American continent).

Most of us have jobs or college commitments and families, and therefore we support the premise that real-life has priority over game-life. That doesn't mean we don't do our best to be among the top pvp guilds in every game we play, we often are... it just means that we don't set any ridiculous requirements for our members to live up to. Gaming should be fun, not work!

II. Guild Focus

We have a good mix of gaming styles from the casual to the hard-core, with our focus being to provide opportunities for all our members to participate in end-game events. We plan to be involved in all facets of game-play and provide support to our members in whatever path they choose to follow.

We don't force members to raid or play "x" amount of hours per week. Our community has an established and sustainable mix of style, talent and ability which allow us to accomplish our goals without burning out any particular group. Our membership is incredibly diverse. We have members who are college professors, published writers, olympic medalists, as well as mechanics and mom's and dad's.

If you are interested in joining more than just a guild, in joining a family, then check us out at:

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Clan links are in my signatures and the post above.

feel free to contact me in game with any questions!

thanks for the update. I was sitting at the log in screen like "mmmkay"

for you logitech users...simply use the G series software to map the buttons as you see fit then make sure they coordinate to the keys in game. or open the in game key bindings and set them to the keys you prefer on your mouse.

I use a G700s mouse. top three buttons are power to: shields, weapons engines.

side four buttons are a PTT and a cancel for the top three buttons. one is a swap weapons button.

the keys are already bound in game to basic keys.

Logitech software allows for macros to be bound to keys, im sure razer stuff is similar. Its not rocket science guys...just use the software given to you by the manufacturer of your gaming peripherals.

@Anyone 6415 Not sure why this still isn't fixed :/

spam bots are hard to prevent, or keep up with because to make them go away completely they would have to take steps that would negatively impact the player base's ability to post freely. The simplest(though not cost effective) method is for them to pay more people to monitor the forums.

As for OP ...bugs? Please do not tell me you seriously expect a game still in BETA to be as polished as a freshly released game. EVen most games that come out "finished" have bugs. You also need to realize that this company is offering a product, and a service. You the consumer have the right to not utilize that service if you are unhappy with it. You have also been given a voice here in the forums. The goal of the employees of grey box is the same as any other make a profit. They do their best to make things happy and fun and still achieve their goals. They are designing the game They control what goes into it. If you don't like how they are doing things, apply for a job with grey box. I believe that greybox does do a very good job considering their limited staff and community reps when it comes to dealing with bugs.