turn off DX 12.

to do this find the config settings

C:\ users\ yourusername\appdata\local\dreadgame\saved\config\windowsnoeditor

(you may need to enable hidden files to see this)

DELETE : GameUserSettings

restart the game.

set your graphics as you wish, without the DX12 setting.

he speaks to us by telapathetic means

try using windowed fullscreen.

it tagged "you" last night on me.

I asked "you playing a healer?"

it appeared as ### Playing a healer?

I use a macbook pro(mid2015)

2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache

512GB PCIe-based flash storage

AMD Radeon R9 M370X with 2GB of GDDR5

16GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory

it would play this gave very well.

Sadly most macbooks will not play any games well. that is why most games do not get ported. Because doing so would incur the companies producing them endless complaints about not working.

If you have a macbook, boot camp is pre-installed, or if an older macbook you will need to download it. Just buy a copy of windows 10, partition your hard drive(typically in half) and boot to windows to play games on your macbook.

Id recommend getting a fan control app(SMC fancontrol works very well.) when playing games crank up the fans, your macbook WILL GET HOT.

I have never played dreadnought on my macbook, I'm always on my PC.

I absolutely love the game.

It is not however, fine as is. The t3 to t4 grind on one ship(the t4 heal ship) has so far taken me 5 days at 6-8 hours a day. for one ship...that is a full time job. I'm 29, work full time and go to college for 12 credit hours. If i was not on break that would take me a month. Then suddenly i can't play with the friends i've made in the beta here. I would leave if that were to happen.

if they simply fixed the maintenance cost thing, make it flat rate like 200-400 cred per battle so even with a loss you can earn something.

if they cut the exp and cred cost of ships by say 30% as well it would not be so bad to grind that out.

I have 110,000exp on a trafalgar and another 70k on a t2 heal ship, and 60k on a corvette. that i will never put to use because of this grind Unless of course i spend 70$ to convert it to free exp...

I would however easily spend 10$ to convert that to exp. (food for thought greybox)

the gameplay, and graphics are a lot of fun. I support this game and where it is going. Many things in the quality of life side of things need to be fixed. If not you will lose your player base. No one wants to feel pressured into paying for a free to play game.

here's another idea for you greybox. Consider a subscription service. 10-15$ a month gives a month of "elite status" which is just slightly less beneficial than vip. Say drop the stats on vip by 20% or so. and give a GP grant of like 400 GP a month. You would have people subbing like mad for that.

Playing dreadnought, listening to Sea shanties by the musical group "The Dreadnoughts"

Well there needs to be a time sink in the game, no doubt. I think its more a quality of life issue though. The jump from 1 to 2 is insane fast. 3 is fast then all comes to a very grindy halt. At this point i have about 18-20 hours into ONE SHIP so i can get the T4 version of it. Im half way to the needed credits. Since playing vet is a toss up, i'm stuck in recruit. Had i been running vet it would likely have taken twice this amount of time to get half way(thanks to the maintenance costs).

perhaps extending the t1 to t2 jump so it takes longer, and perhaps the t2 to t3 jump as well. while cutting the t3 to t4 by about 40%? and t4 to t5 by 20%( getting to top tier should be a pain, somewhat)

If you havent gotten one yet message me your email. I have 1 left over from a live stream i di the other day. all yours. If not you, anyone else wanting one. I should be back online in about 8 hours. It's bedtime for me here on the east coast USA.

Stream will be back up in 5 mins!

bring your friends and lets do this!