going to take a break around 4pm for dinner.

will be back up later in the evening around 7pm eastern time. I will post here when its back up

as of this post i'm still up but will only be around for another match or two

I'm going to be live streaming today.

starting around 1230 EST (GMT-5)

Join me in the game to participate or watch the stream. Invite your friends because i have giveaways straight from greybox! The guys over at dreadnought were kind enough to give me some closed beta invite codes! My in game name is: Starrskream shoot me a friend invite or a squad invite anytime!

CHeck out my youtube:

bumptastic bump!

I've seen many of you in game, if you are looking to squad up holler!

this kind of bugged me too. SInce there are no thrusters on the front of the ships and only the rear, strafing is not actually possible.

this could be a cool idea for a ship upgrade purchase though.

Dead pixels in monitor


you overclocked your videocard too much and it is artifacting


video card is going bad


Im really enjoying this game

happy holidays!

just cut the cost in half...

I would not have a problem with half what it costs now.

perhaps something like this ?

Recruit: no cost

veteran: 200 credits

legendary: 400 credits

healers can only focus one ship at a time.

We can heal multiple, but only for a few seconds.

we are squishy.

instead of focusing the destroyer get on that healer and take them out.

as said above, corvettes are OP. send one in to take out the healers


maybe its when the hide under the center of your ship where you cannot shoot and beam you to death.