Hey guys,

Dumb question no.1 - How do I join the boards/where do I find them.


Hi all,

First I want to say how much I love DN and what an amazing game it is.

I used to love to play the Homeworld series and I always wished I could get into a capital ship and take the wheel myself instead of only issueing commands.

I would like to suggest or question if any other options were considered for the command menu (And possibly for the energy menu as well). Now we hold down the touch pad and move our finger around to choose the option we want. While not so bad, I personally struggle to get the right command off a significant percentage of the time.

Other options might be:

Click R3 or L3 (command/enegry),
Fast double click of R1 or L1 then joy sitck to choose,
R1+L1 together,
Use Down on dpad to bring up the wheel then joy stick to choose.

I also think the Dpad could be used for selecting energy mode. For example up, Left, Right for the different energy options, then down to bring up the command wheel

The reason I think these could work is that once you know the lcoations on the wheel of the respective commands, it is very fast and accurate to use the joy sticks to choose rather than move your fingers around on the touch pad, which can feel a bit clumsy and difficult.

Maybe others have already thought and tried this before, but I though I would offer my suggestions anyway



I just restarted the game and then it was fine

Also I found out you can message people after the match and send friend requests etc

Ok thanks for the fast response.

I bought and researched one upgrade for siege mode for my AC... but after that it always said not enough credits. I literally played 20 matches and in the top right it showed I had loads of the blue and green credit (but not much yellow) if I recall correctly.

I will try again today.

Also for PS4.... is there a way I can communicate with players on my team? Maybe after the match or in the menus or something?

I feel like Im having the same problem.
I researched all the modules, but I cant buy them to equip them.

Which kind of currency do I need to actually buy and equip the equipment I want to use?