Trying to turn off an active swipe command is a pretty problematic issue when in the heat of battle. The swipe off command actually shows the downward swipe working but whatever was active remains active until you swipe again. This happens a lot more than it should. I seriously hope it's addressed on a future hotfix.

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I am in Australia, and whenever I try to get a game on any more but particularly on legendary I give up after 15 mins of waiting for a match. Has the ps4 community dried up?
This is at all times of the day, morning or night.
Any suggestions?

I'm gonna take a guess and say that this is due to region lock. I really wish the devs would open this game up so that we can play with everyone. It's gotten to the point that we regularly fight the same Captains over and over that they all know who you are and know your ship type.

I'm hoping they'll release the coop seasonal thing they were talking about a while back. I really need a different mode.

I myself haven't experienced crashes but my friend has. Almost every 3rd game or so, he gets disconnected. And his internet connection is great. Seems to be a specific issue. Otherwise I should also be suffering disconnects.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentionally done. But those TC Captains who like using the Hactar ship armor like myself, may notice that your ship face seems to have a pattern texture plastered on it. I found out yesterday that this is due to certain decals placed on the ship.

When placing a decal on the ship, angle the ship so that you can partially see the head sculpture of the Hactar. Going through the selections of decals will visibly show which decals puts the texture pattern on the Hactar face.

At first I thought it was a graphical glitch. Like the ship's textures weren't loading properly. It wasn't until I decided to look at the original Hactar hero ship and noticed that the face texture was perfectly fine. I found out that the Hactar hero ship has no decal. So I decided to try removing it on my Harwich and that fixed the problem. And that's when I also realized that not all decals creates this textured face on the Hactar face. I was originally using the Huscarl decal which is one of the decals that creates this texture on the Hactar face. Doing what I've described above, you can see which decal does or does not display textures.

I hope this helps.

The other notable issue is the weapon toggle. Prior to the update, I could quickly toggle back and forth between primary and secondary weapons. Now there's a 2 second delay to switch back after toggling between primary and secondary and back again. This hampers the control function if you accidentally toggled to the primary or secondary and have to wait 2 seconds before toggling back to rectify the mistake. When engaged, this bug can quickly put you on the losing end of the fight.

Please fix.

Not only does the swiping cause a visual bug, it also causes delay in activation, or does not activate at all. I've had to swipe 2-3 times just to make sure it turns off because I've swiped once and the energy meter is still depleting. Same goes for activating on/off the boost, shield, weapon boosts.

I seriously hope you guys fix this soon as swipe controls really need to function.

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pro tip- when youyou update a game, login should be possible

Lol. Ditto. Logged in and got excited for nothing.

I'm talking going from T4 to T5. That was probably the biggest mistake I've made on T5. Upgrades are supposed to be better. Not worse. A 9% damage reduction increase is not enough to compensate on the huge armor amp duration reduction when upgrading the T4 mod to T5.

Not sure if this is the same on PC.

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I hear ya. I've had those many times where I was on the top of my team on a really bad losing match, perhaps they can incorporate something like "Captain (insert name) valiantly fought in battle". This way the captain is recognized for their efforts.

We might get some new stuff during the time of the Steam release, I think the post match screen we got with the recent PS4 update is also the one the PC version had for a while.

And in case anyone is wondering, I edited the Bible line out because I didn't plan on bringing religion into a Dreadnought discussing after criticising someone else for bringing politics into it a few days ago.

Thanks. Hopefully it gets changed.

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I agree about that Dreadnoughts should get rewarded more but disagree about putting more emphasis on the team's than individual performance.

Imagine carrying a team to a very good result and being the best player in the match but it ended up being a loss. Then you lose and not only does that get added into the statistic but other players in the match won't go and say something like "wow, he had a great match". If you lose you might still be more glad about the match than players who won the match.
It's like in Formula 1, a driver who is 5th fastest with his car but his teammate 7th fastest might be more happy than a driver who is 2nd fastest with his car but his teammate the fastest.

I guess it depends what people are in for when they play the game. Most players I'm sure would prefer to finish #1 but still to win the match.

Personally I don't always care about my rank in the match, if I would my second T5 ship wouldn't have been a TC, but when I do care about it I'd like to get rewarded, if it's only my name and character getting featured for a few seconds which only a few people will see.

An option for the post match screen could be something for the future as well.

PS: Having a word the origin of which was popularised in the Bible as invalid, really? Does 'damnation' work at least?

I hear ya. I've had those many times where I was on the top of my team on a really bad losing match, perhaps they can incorporate something like "Captain (insert name) valiantly fought in battle". This way the captain is recognized for their efforts.