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this has possibly been mentioned, but i could not find a thread.
I feel pricing is wrong, my reason is simple.
elite costs 600GP simple enough right.
you can only buy for the lowest price 500GP, heres where the issuse starts, im forced/bullied to buy the next pack up 1200GP, now yes this will get me 2x elite, heres the but elite counts down even when your not in game! thats unfair for starters it should only count down when in use (playing a match) not when im at work or offline, in my mind this isnt value for money in any sense, due to this i dont want to spend money and even though i love the game i can walk away without issue.
any other players feel this way?

congratulations, you now understand how free to play w/ ingame money purchases work. this is a concept most microtransaction-modells use.
anyway - i don't see why it is unfair for starters to count down gametime which is paid with real money in real time. it's a flatrate, simple enough right.
you also pay for your internet connection when not at home, or your TV ... and probably for other MMO gametimes, too