I'm very dissappointed with the recent changes especially the changes to T3 ships. These changes just don't make any sense to me. The problem T3 ships face in veteran matches don't arise through their stats, it's the lack of proper modules to counter certain playstyles. Giving them more range just confuses people.

To be positive: I like the new crosshair. smile

Kampfkraft#8374 posted (#post-114989)

With the last patch I get thrown even more often into halfway lost/won battles. Its extremly relaxing to wait 5+ mins to play 2 mins and get a maintenance-slap into the face. WTF?!

Same for me

Waiting 6 min for match only to get thrown in a lost one. Happened multiple times in a row. I instantly regret buying elite status and will now take a break from the game.

6 min wait time on sunday 19 GMT+2... player population seems to decrease.

I suggest playing healer for yourself and you will likely see that they're not invincible, cannot heal everything and that multiple healers on a team are a bad idea most of the time.

To break entrechned teams with two healers. You should start attacking the heals and tell your team to do so to. Drain them, Use Weapon breaker. Vindicta Ram, Vette with high alpha strike. Coordinate your nukes....

Don't forget an entrechned team works together. True its not a very high amount of team play but it is team play, so you need team play on your side to win. Simple as that.

And if the enemy is stacking heals and your team does not, the dps on your side should be much higher.

To my experience in higher tier games, entrechned teams are more often on the loosing side because they're passive.

To the opener and the 3vs2 scenario: One healer and a dread against two dreads and one destroyer, you will only lose that encounter when ignoring the heal and only shot the dread. And by doing so, you totally deserve to do so. ;-) Just ignore the dread and kill the healer cause the healer cannot heal himself.

Don't forget its still in beta and according to the devs, tweaks to the mm system are coming. Right now technical issues are getting fixed.

A more systematical issue with the mm system occurs when players who have TIV in their fleets and don't play them because they want to level their TIIIs. As long as these players don't put their TIVs out of their vet fleet, how should the matchmaker know they do not intend to play them? According to the hot topics mm takes the fleet composition in account, so when you have TIVs in your fleet you get equal opponents. So the player rank is a better determinator of good/bad mm than the ship tier.

To avoid this issue, I put only TIIIs in my vet fleet when i want to level my Otranto (TIII Med. Destroyer) for example. Another positive side effect is that maintenance cost is way lower without TIVs. (900 instead of 1500 credits)

Same thing with recruit fleets, as long as there is one T1 in the fleet, the whole fleet value is <TII and you should not be put in a vet game with your recruit fleet.

I think/hope there is some sort of mm algorithm. But it still has its flaws. You are right most games are decided by the mm.

TDM for example often ends like 100/<50. I think the aim should be more or less 100/80.

I stated before and do it again now. The mm goes completely off when squads come into play. I don't mean that squads don't get matched with other squads but that even when not accounting the squad the single players in these squads don't get matched properly.

An Example: Three rank 30 and above players with T4 ships enlist for a match, than most of the time they get into the stronger team which creates massiv imbalance. My impression is as soon as squad mm comes into play the squad members got treated like three T2s with no experience and then get matched according to that. There are rumors about a bug but it is not acknowledged by the devs.

Known issues list:

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This is my last post to you here, I promise. Because you STILL aren't getting it.

Let me give you yet another tiresome example:

I give you 100 dollars. I don't give anyone else 100 dollars.

I then take 60 of those dollars from you, at a indeterminate amount of time later. Now don't forget, you HAD 100 dollars.

Now answer this question, in relation to what I have just said:

Have you lost something?

Since you never get 100 dollars or something the like. I don't see the point made here. Essentially you played a game for FREE and had fun with it. Nobody forced you or others to play.

With the compensation you essentially get ingame money FROM them. So with your tiresome example:

You get 50 dollars for playing a free game. Everyone gets these 50 dollars.

But you want like 200 dollars more because you lost something.

Now answer this question, please.

Have you lost something or rather gained something?

Corvettes are very deadly tools esp. in experienced hands. But there are possible counters even in recruit games. No need for nerf here.

- Watch them. When you get caught off guard your likely dead. Attack them on approach.

- Use your energy. Vettes don't have drain in recruit games. With shields you stay alive.

- Mark them with "F" so your team can concentrate fire.

- Orcus/Cerberus kill them quite easy with their beams. Use Blast Pulse.

- Use secondary weapons when in range

- Don't play Sniper against two or more enemy vettes unless you have a good team and know what you do

Thanks for the credits and gp!

It's a shame to see that amount of complaining here. You (the devs) owe us nothing in that regard, its a beta we know things get changed so any sort of compensation is something to be grateful.

I'm absolutely in favor of rewarding teamplay. Actually gaining credits is mainly tied to kills . In a team based game teamplay should be rewarded more.

Some examples:

-Shiny vette does 14/14/0 so literally suiciding the whole game and contributing nothing in TDM gets way more credits than a dreadnought tanking a bunch of dmg and protecting his team with 6/2/8

- Ram can or storm missile/goliath destroyer charging the whole match into the enemy fleet scores again 14/14/0 and gets way more credits than a medium tac healing and scaring of enemy vettes. The tac could score even 6k points and will not even get close to the destroyer in terms of credits gained.

- A Palos scaring of 3 or 4 enemy vettes from ganking the allied three snipers gets no reward if he does not score kills while the unharmed snipers decide the match.

I could go on like this but I think the point here is clear. Teamplay actions like assists, healing, tanking, scaring vettes/vindictas off without killing them should be higher rewarded.

Hey Enterprise.

XP is linked to the score shown at the end of the match, thus healers with high scores get lots of xp for their ship. Otherwise credits are linked imho to ribbons like "kill enemy", "deal x amount of heal/dmg". Tanking ribbons are bugged at the moment so if you go nav it's all about killing people to get credits.

Also K/D has nothing to do with it. 7/7 gets you more credits than 5/0. I don't really have clue whats the matter with assists.

Get Armor Amp with the nav and try to get into plasma broadside range. Also switch between main and sec guns for reload. Your repeater guns are very strong!

Main gun dmg is 645/610/440 for close to long range.

I don't have values for the repeaters but i tend to say mid and close range they are stronger then your mains.

Another option would be warp jump but your are a lot squishier then and the low lvl jumps are not targeted.

Use your energy and use it wisely. Never get into a situation were you don't have energy or armor amp up.