ItsGary#1520 posted (#post-102723)

The game mode is bugged, It is so bad that the fate of the game rests on which team has the least players bugged. It should not be in the rotation untill it is fixed.

Reading your first I don't get whats bugged. I like team elimination as Odin said its much more tactical. The better team wins even if tier-wise at disadvantage.

Like to explain the bug you experience? I can always choose between ships. Since team elimination is rather rare, i played like 7-10 matches right now, maybe the bug did not encounter to me yet.

Nataku#3670 posted (#post-101445)

Disrupter type modules on all ships can make a quick end to rammers. At one point solo rammers became pretty rare because more people had ways to counter them. The problem now is that because it takes so long to get anything you end up with pretty OP setups which several people here know very well. They are also very well aware that its going to take a pretty long time for people to grind their way to the counters.

Thats one reason why counters have to be available earlier. Like pre 1.3 disruptor missile was the first destroyer module to buy. Now its locked behind the t4 grindwall.

Dovers have disruptur pulse which they imho don't need in recruit. Artys have stasis missile.

By giving new players counter modules earlier they probably learn to use them thus enforcing teamplay.

Its not the ships, its the lack of modules to counter and bad matchmaking where maxed T4s play against stock T3s and T2s.

So exploiting is the way to go?! Cause' T5 can't get matches now all the other fair players should have a bad time.

CycLee#0743 posted (#post-99736)

grinding through t3 is even more fun, if a certain someone decides to exploit a matchmaking bug to get his T5 in veteran games. And yeah, ofc he's always in the opposite team.

I wondered when the first ones start that. An Answer from the dev team here would be nice wether they call it an exploit or not and if yes what we should do to report these players.

Kazma#2232 posted (#post-99910)

The Vindicta is fine at Same Tier. If there was one Thing to Change it would be its projectile speed. Thats it.

Exactly this. Same tier! Since the matchmaker is somehow incapable of accomplishing that vindictas and other T4 ships have an easy time. T3 ships are weaker and have less options to counter vindictas or vettes.

I remember pre 1.3 destroyers get the disruptor missile first now its a T4 module. Instead T2 vettes get disruptor pulse countering any counter t2 ships can have against them.

Scrambler pulse and stasis missiles are the only t3 modules that come to my mind right now to counter vindictas with a t3 ship.

Magnus Tide#0823 posted (#post-99927)

If developers are listening to those Press-X-to-Win corvette and vindicta lovers protecting their precious things with "skill" argumetnts - then game is already ruined.

I have invited 15 friends to this game, and every of them stopped playing because of failed matchmaking and vindicta with corvettes abuse.

So.. "Keep up the good work", guys.

I know what you mean. I try to convince people too. But the matchmaker and the people using the matchmakers flaws to stomp new players make it hard. I mean there are people building a squad to get their t3 vettes to recruit like three matches in a row as if a squad of t2 vettes is not enough.

But back to topic. I don't think the vindicta is the problem here. To my mind it is the matchmaker.

1.) Negative

2.) Neutral

3.) Negative

4.) Negative

5.) Negative

6.) Positive

Would you change maintenance, and if so how? D

A friend of mine has the same problem. Especially when activating shields with the energy wheel he often ends up having thrust or weapon amplification. Since i play healer i often call him to use his shields and then see him dying to a nuke or so with energy to weapons/engines. Now he uses F1-4 keys.

I have bound F1-4 to mouse buttons.

I really don't like the "you need teamplay arguement" to counter an attack that needs zero teamplay.

KINE#3011 posted (#post-98473)

Was solo Koschei when Draggo gloriously demonstrated his abomination first hand. Thing was, although I couldn't dodge in the slow healer I did feel like the faster Oberons would have had a chance. That in itself adds value to the underused Oberon cruisers.

My Ceres could not evade it. Getting scrambled and boom. Weird enough i get parry ribbons for not shielding the attacks. Any ideas? And don't say armored lockdown since we don't have different loadouts and I don't want to play 6 games with no energy generator just for the one where armored lockdown is of use.

The other thing I noticed was how much the Vindicta was getting away with. Or more accurately how much my team was letting him get away with.

Vindicta is fast and hard to hit due to slim shape and bad auto aim. No chance for Dolas to hit it. It can outrun Missiles. Sticky beams... no was dead in the first place.

General population have not yet registered in their psyche destroyers as high priority. So they don't suppress Vindictas enough. I assume this would change as high powered rams become more common and suicidal dives get punished accordingly.

Thats true and i repeat telling my team but the T2s who where thrown against the vindictas don't care smile

Draggo went on a 2:1 kill ratio. Dying once every 2 dives.

This will undoubtedly drop as time goes by and people adjusting to meta.

Sadly the scoring system encourages suicidal runs so even getting 10/10/0 will get you more points then 5/0/10.

Don't get me wrong i like vindictas and the role they're supposed to play but i really don't like these oneshot mechanics.

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-98790)

UI improvements will improve this issue significantly, and we are exploring how to better surface this interaction in the Shop to avoid this kind of confusion. Currently, we recognize that it is difficult to recognize the coating/decal/etc is Ship Class Specific.

When the change was made from account-wide to ship class specific, the Shop Team dramatically reduced the prices of all cosmetics to better reflect the offering, however I'll let them know that players still find the prices high. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the reply. I have a suggestion. Why not make it an option to either buy it ship specific or account wide? Click buy and the UI asks what you want. Naturally there is a small discount on account wide purchase smile

To me the relation between xp and credits differs. I play regulary with a friend. He plays Otranto, i play Ceres.

He: 6/2/11 and maybe 1300 points at the end. -> 2500 xp and 2000 credits

Me: 2/0/0, 3000 points -> 5000 xp and 1200 credits

We both have elite status and it was not Onslaught. So the amount of credits and xp gained is calculated differently.

I would really like to know how to increase the credit gain otherwise i will get bottlenecked very hard soon.