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If you feel T3 is underpowered versus T4 and you fly Dola, that would be the main cause. The other ships are capable of punching back. All except Dola.

I highly recommend getting the Jump Drive eventhough it is not a prerequisite to unlock T4's down the line.

That or ditch the ship. Save yourself the suffering and grind the other ships in T3 until Devs do something about the Dola.

T3 Medium Destroyers are fun.

I switched from Dola to Ceres (T3 Aion). Now I am half way down to T4 and don't regret it. Very fun ship to fly.

Nice to show a 100/4 match on twitter praising the effectiveness of koschei/jutland. What it actually show is the effectiveness of bugged (squad) matchmaking.

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Because MM wasn't bad enough:

100/0. Nice. Don't see that until now. Don't know it could get that worse.

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People, calm down... Give time to the developers to resolve the issues. Ok, you are telling that are more problems now than the begining of the game, but probably is because of the wype and they are resolving the problems...

But, at least you can play the game, me and many other have to wait for the open beta to have an opportunity to test and try the game...

(You say now: oh yeah, better not playing, than play and have issues like we have)

These issues persists since 1.3 and this a bunch of time ago.

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More of this MM BS:




This is pretty much what my evening yesterday looked like.

Sadly most of the matches look like this and with most i mean 9/10. The screens above show well that tiers are not matched and the player rank as a mean of experience and possible strength of the fleet neither. Most of these games end like 100/<40 beeing not fun for both sides.

Pre 1.3 my impression was that matches were much more balanced and half of the games i played end 100/>80.

And what I really not get is when I join such match I was less than 30 s in queue. I would rather wait a minute more and get balanced match.

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The main fix the Dola needs, is a big reduction in weapon spread.

100 % agree. The click thing works so hitting targets in midrange is possible but my left mousebutton has to suffer a lot smile

Seen this quite often too.

My impression is that squads don't get matched properly.

In ideal terms player skill (K/D, W/L ratio), experience (player rank) and strength of the fleet (hightest tier in fleet).

Besides players should not put their T4 Morningstar in their vet fleet when they don't have the intention to play it. Could be an explanation for overtiering.

T2 ships are not the problem in these games. The problem is when three t2 ships get matched against three T4 ships.

Yeah the weapon spread is terrible. You can't even hit a dreadnought in optimal range.

Thought about making a video about it before the patch. Now my Dola is gone and I don't miss it. smile

But I really miss my pre 1.3 Gora smile

There is already a thread in the ships subforum allthough the title is wrong because its just the Dola. Bluds i encountered before the patch had very precise main guns. About Goras i don't have infos.

It don't get much attention but now as the Dola stands between many players and their koschei i have hope it get fixed soon. If i remember right the invictus line weapon spread got fixed fast.

Right now they are useless.

Would be nice if they had a daily bonus to give free xp for one or two matches

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Well, be aware of ur sorounding maybe? COrvetes can be killed 1 shot, how?

"Flank cannons" press Q wait for him to be 400 meters of u and nuke him. So easy...

Get some knowglede of the game mechanic's before btching bro.

No skilled vette pilot will go into flak range, when it can actually stay outside and do max dmg.