Ok, I do know there will be a wipe, Its kind of obvious.

But if I want to test everything easily, its easier at 1FP.

Some Says during the whole Beta,

Others something else, I suppose there isn't any real info.

Thank you for the link and taking the time to share the info.

But, its been like 15-20 minutes right ? 5 minutes seems very optimistic,

Probably take around 30 minutes rebooting/maintenance of a server / applying a fix.

Maybe the maintenance is for all the players who did not get their premium/Hero ships.

I tried finding the answer, but i failed.

When does the 99% off rebate on the market/equipment end ?

You guys better get those items now before you need to grind for them smile

And also, when does the closed beta end ?

And the lv 15 ships at least. I suppose they will be costly after it ends.

Even if they wipe everything after the beta ?

Sorry if those questions where answered before.

Its supposed to be a maintenance.

Thank you, They should add a message somewhere in the launcher etc. Maybe I just missed it.

Did it help in anyways ^

For some reason, i can't connect to the game anymore.

I play until level 10 just fine,

Then went to play some Fractured Space.

Now every time i'm trying to connect to the game I wait endlessly

at the E-mail address/Password page with the circle spinning an doing nothing.

No error message, nothing at all.

Ps; I closed and re-launched the launcher, didn't help.

Game is in my firewall exceptions.