According to the devs you either play lower tiers, so that those high tiers can enjoy their superiority or you pay cash. Read those community hot topics thingies.

Is there any information on any update? There was the rumor that there should be one not too far away. Especially the PVE mode. Thanks in advance.


There is no problem with T3 and T4. Only when you choose your recruit fleet and have to fight veteran fleets.

According to the Community Hot Topics 4 this is intended. Developers think higher Tier pilots should enjoy their supremacy. It would be fine as it is.

New player too. Was fun till T3 and T4. Once you start a veteran fleet you have to pay maintainance once you loose a game. The biggest issue for me is that you sometimes pay more maintanance than you earn. When your team gets random low tier like I and II and the enemy has only III and IV it sucks cause there is little you can do. A shame.

Please dont force people to play lower tiers with maintanance cost. Especially if lower tiers are deliberately mixed with higher tiers. PVP should not be dominated by the tier of the equipment i am having. You want people to have fun, people having fun will pay. I like this game but after reading this i strongly oppose paying for anything let alone play any further. Not meant as a thread just a hint from a potential customer and a kinda new player.

Same experience here, i give it a try until next patch. If things wont get better in that perspective i am afraid that i have to leave the game. It would be a shame though, really like it. No threat intended just wanting to share some info for the devs. It really is demoralizing if you get suckerpunched by maintenance cost at higher levels.

Is there any ETA on new patches? Those things bug me the most too. Plus not beeing able to assign mouse keys.

Fairly new player here. Game is great, but paying more maintenance than earning credits is a no go imho. One of the reasons i dont play as much as i probably would.