Stasis pulse and broadside guns is the reason why Vindicta takes a risk whenever it gets close to a dread. Try them out.

As of tonight every other game has ridiculously long loading times before i actually appear in-game, and 9/10 times i spawn underground in a black space, or unable to move. Also 2/4 games results in me being kicked back to the hangar upon loading the game, only being left with "you left the game room"

My two cents about the whole corvette issue is the removal of certain OP modules, namely 2. Autorepair and thrust amplifier.

A damage dealing fast hunter should not need a module like this, but rather rely on regeneration inbetween fight. and with the removal of this module for corvettes the tanking vettes issue will be no more + we open up more interesting builds now that autorepair is not a must have.

Thrust amplifier is redundant as the corvette is already the fastest ship type in the game. and even though you are slowed by stasis pulse/missile this module allows the corvette to escape. Removing this module allows for easier crowd control and removes the corvette ability to run into the crowd and then get away using this module.

The player using commands should be highlighted on the minimap in different colours to visible aid teammates no matter which direction they are facing.


No-skill passive healgroups must be removed!

As most other players I'm very excited to try the new map once maintenance completes. The last map was also cool but i felt like percentual chance that this map gets chosen for the game was very low. I can simply guess that all maps have an equal % chance of being chosen from the map pool, this should be tweaked a bit IMO.

I propose that when a new map is added to the pool it will be added with and additional 5-10% roll chance so that the community of players have a better chance of trying the map without having to spend an entire day playing with the occasional new map roll.

Aersdri#5059 posted (#post-118843)

I'm actually surprised noone in this thread mentioned recently stealth-buffed Stasis.

Before the buff it could be countered with simple power-to-engines, as speed bonus from it was additive. I.e. pte added flat 100% speed bonus on top of whatever you had, making it 200% normally and 110% with stasis debuff.

New stasis is multiplicative, meaning with pte you'll only have 20% of your normal speed.

This thing is counters vettes SO HARD, that I don't even know whatever else you guys need.

Frankly, when I play with Stasis Pulse on my dred, I feel like I'm abusing.

Stasis is indeed a good counter, however thrust amplifier completely negates this effect. Corvettes are really fast enough so this module is really the OP one.

To add: No NPC animations are present, just a image is presented. It used to move pre-patch , working as intended?

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-114826)

Names are not unique, there can be severel thousand Zeragons out there, so they added the number to tell them apart.

No one will ever be able to remember the difference between Zeragon 12345 and Zeragon 23456 so they might aswell make names unique or add a shorter way to differ between identical named accounts. The way it is now is a disgrace, watching the chat is like watching a helpdesk conversation.

After patch all players have some sort of number combination or identifier after their names causing chat to be very cluttered and long due to every players name being +5 digits longer.

It looks awful and does not need to be visible. Pls fix...