CyberCore#8292 posted (#post-93422)

Servers down again?

Seems that way, can't login...

If they only added a red/green light here on the official homepage to let us know if the server is up or not they would get rid of the 100's of support tickets.

Still broken even after another server restart!

xX8Frostbite8Xx#2888 posted (#post-92924)

So hopefully i guess the servers will be back up by tomorrow? or is it the next day after tomorrow?

The patch is implemented and the servers are up since several hours ago. But there is a bug with credits, XP and GP that disappears after you relog. Don't spend all your cash!

The problem with Hero ships decimating recruit fleets still persist. Fix it please.

What i want as a late christmas present is the old system with the currently implemented game mode + maps(s)

2 invites left. Send me your email ina pm and i will send you a invite.

Hi there. Send me your email adress in a message or write it here and I'll send you a invite!

For the sake of testing can you please just make all ships, modules and briefings free, so that we can test all ships, all modules and briefings even in the "hard to get" legendary league.

The previous builds hangar UI had the button to select flagship ( It didn't work but anyway we still had it!) of your 3 respective fleets, but with this new overhaul that button is gone. How do i select my flagship?

The spread on the gravis main gun is just pathetic! More like a shotgun shot but with all pellets swirling around.

Very far away from how the invictus used to be and I'm not fond of it!