I'm running on epic graphic settings with 1920x1080 resolution and there's some alignment issues.

Ship icons and names on the bottom are outside their row

My title is only partly visible in the top right corner

Bix no longer moves his head or mouth while talking in the hangar. Did you guys remove his animation?

The login screen is blurry and not pretty as I expect running with these settings. Please create a HD version.

As of today I've noticed that upon login in and finishing a match my credit and GP balance changes greatly. I logged in to find myself with over 100 K credits and 500 GP (Which i did not have yesterday when i logged out)

And after completing 5 matches the amount goes up and down, down and up atleast on the credit side. By the sounds from the chat It seems other players have this discrepancy aswell.

I do, that's why i use T3 armor amp. The question is what will i do when i get to T5?

The current credit rewards for contracts are the same as before the Big update, meaning that the credit values does not scale with the current build.

"Destroy 50 dreadnought - 1200 credits" is less than a normal income match for me and does not really motivate me to go the extra length to complete. The contract can sometimes be very tedious depending on your fleet and ship preference and again the reward for fulfilling a grindy contract, say destroy x enemies with a tac cruiser if you hate playing tac cruiser Is just bad, like really bad.

Will the rewards be scaled up in the future? Or even better, will the rewards scale per fleet you fulfill the contract with?

Sure the oberon vettes are slow but the 360 degree fire angle is what makes them special and more versatile compared to the other vettes. I just wish the handling was better... turn speed should really be looked into!


I'm sure more players have this issue than just the 3 of us so far. Support has not presented a solution to me yet, but most likely the problem was caused by the latest hotfix.

I'm still playing recruit to avoid the ongoing maintenance robbery.

I too had this issue yesterday were every mstchmaking attempt after finishing a match resulted in what OP describes. I however didn't make it to ship selection but only to the map loading screen.

I only played recruit so i don't know about being charged for maintenance or not.

Use the ingame bug reporter.

I'm always using drain torp rather than heavy torp due to the versatility of draining my target rather than dealing more damage. Your primary dmg is your main weapon, the modules are meant to keep you alive and to negate your opponents ability to fight back.

The tac cruiser's only chance to get you is to outlast your dmg spike from once you attack, therefore you need to hit him with drain torp do take away his ability to set power to weapons or shields. Secondly you hit him with disruptor pulse to make him unable to use self heal or activate offensive abilities.

Apart from that i agree with Possum!

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So I'm guessing the servers are down again? I'm just stuck at the login screen.

As per my previous message, if you notice this occur it's because we're restarting the servers. Our teams are trying to pinpoint and fix the issue. But until it's corrected, disconnects and reconnects may still occur periodically. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding until we get this resolved. <3 smile

PLEASE for the love of God add a server status light on your website to indicate online/offline. That way you reduce the amount of support tickets when the server is taken down.