I'm one of the players that qualify for the log-in reward from today. Logged in and out several times now but no elite status nor any 10k credits. Anyone else?

What i don't understand is why The entire fleet is grounded for maintenance even though one only used 1-2 ships during the game. IMO the ship that was used the most % is the one that should be down for maintenance, not the entire fleet by default!

thedeath#8178 posted (#post-59629)

there's only 2 ways to see T3/T4's if you queue up recruit

  • you didnt have a T1 ship in your recruit fleet (if you have only T2 ships then your recruit fleet gets put into veteran queue instead of recruit queue)

  • the person in T3/4 is squading up with his friends so he can take his veteran ships into T1 matches (known exploit that's accepted)

Correct! I didn't have that nor should i need to at release, the matchmaking should be fair and square and i should not have to tweak my fleet in that way if I'm playing in recruit matchmaking.

It's Friday night and I'm geared up for alot of gaming. As is it now i can either wait +15 min to queue for my veteran fleet and maybe win and go plus in credits.

Or i will play recruit fleet which gets me in matches faster but there's always T3's-T4's stomping either my team or my enemy team super fast. Somehow it seems that as soon as i queue with my recruit fleet, sick of waiting with my veteran fleet matchmaking, all the other veteran fleets get into a game with me and my puny T2 fleet. WTH!

I've been content with the changes for now, hoping that it will be better in the future with more players and all but I'm finding myself spending lesser time with this game just because of the grind and lack of fun.

Why did you guys even want to change up the game into tiers? I mean you had a good balanced setup ( Apart from ABW) but now it's just gritty and a fraction of what DN what before progression 2.0.

Previously all ships we're the same from start( No light Corvette MK.II etc) which meant good balance, it was about skill and not tiers and weapon effectiveness / armor effectiveness. Modules and officer briefings was just some extra spice along the way as you were gathering credits and fighting equal teams.

Things was better in the past, don't forget your player base that allowed you to get this far...

I'd say that DN has enough CC's but you just haven't noticed them as they become available in the higher tiers. Scrambler pulse, stasis beam, weaponbreaker/armorbreaker missile, Purge modules etc etc

This is what the current mechanics forces us to do. You'd only wanna play the ships you're trying to level up in order to unlock something better. Or worse, being forced to grind something that you hate, just to get closer to the ship of your choice.

The game starts at windowed full-screen mode by default after patch and changing back to fullscreen fixed some UI issues for me.

Totally agree! The credit gain is way to low to support more than one T3 ship with upgrades and still saving up something for the next tier! I'll either be slowly building a T3 fleet of my choice for the next 6 months or i can skip everything and try to get 1 T4 ship to only find myself in the same situation again.

Snib#1627 posted (#post-55549)

The Fulgora has always been the slowest corvette, there's nothing new. What you seem to be confused about is that despite the names it's the T4 variants which are equivalent to what there was before, not the T3 variants.

I beg to differ. Since i can't seem to get a hold of the old versions stats regarding speed i can only go about my gut feeling when in comes to my previous Fulgora, and boy i tell you it was much faster. Apart from the speed if you look on the spreadsheet you can clearly see that the the heavy corvette outclasses the medium corvette in almost all aspects, speed, dmg values ( even long,med,close range) + it has better armor.

We've been told that the higher the tier the slower, armored and damage potentency we get, nevertheless with different armor stats there should clearly be the same kind of equation of high dmg > lower armor as the previous build had. This is not the case now for the corvette.

Nevermind i found the link myself. However these stats are insignificant unless one compares it to how it was before this megapatch. As it's always been more firepower equals less armor and speed. From the spreadsheet i see the confirmation i need, the Fulgora is way slower than the heavier counterpart in T3, Kreshnik.

Fulgora medium T3 Corvette speed 670 km/h

Kreshnik Heavy T3 Corvette speed 882 km/H + more armor, health, damage despite being sturdier! the only downside i can see is the ammo value which is 2 ( Never played a kreshnik so i can't confirm if you only have 2 rounds in each load or not)

How is this balanced?