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Enough with undocumented changes!

The change is somewhat documented, there is a spreadsheet with all ship data linked in the patchnotes of 1.3.1 and the values pre patch are found partially on the wiki linked on the community page and in the reddit of DN.

Link please

I was thrilled when i could finally afford the Fulgora, but now after 1 game i leave victorious but with a bad taste in my mouth.

Movement feels sluggish even with power to engines. Did you guys stealth nerf without telling us?

Main weapon is now a powerful pea-shooter. Pew-pew style! And this was not in the patch notes either! I prefer the old version which had more shots and better visuals so that the player could track his own shots to adapt to moving targets.

Enough with undocumented changes!

New matchmaking algorithm doesn't seem to work. I still face T3-4's when I'm queuing with my recruit fleet. Sup with that?

Goliath torpedo on Medium destroyer needs some serious rework, the torpedo acts as if it want to hit the nearest object and explode in the users face. I've launched it in mid-space and it flew straight into my stern and exploded.

It launches from the left hand side mid section and should not be able to detonate from that angle until traveled x amount of meters.

Going from 50k for a T3 tac and suddenly jumping to 74k for the same Tier ship, whilst we could buy new T2 ship archetypes from the same progression for 3200 credits? What's up with that?

Paying 10500 ( Or something like that) we get the T2 tac Orcus and from that tree we can get Furia for 3200 credits, both T2.

Paying 50k for the T3 tac Ceres only to find that the Fulgora from that tree cost 74k, despite this number was lower when previously bought from the same tree, ergo a non-direct transition. Why?

I interpreted it the same way you did and got mad when i got charged maintenance despite being no 1 on the losing team.

Oh boy do i feel silly, Mod please delete this thread!

I just got my first T3 ship (Tac) and with all my credits gone the time it will take to get another ship into my fleet is long.

I feel very limited not being able to use my T2 ships, as we all know the situation requires one to change from ship to ship depending on your team and enemy team composition.

I know I'm in the next tier bracket with my fleet, but that shouldn't mean that i can't add lower level tiers to it. Of course I shouldn't be able to add higher tier ships in a lower level tier fleet, but the other way around won't affect balance right?

At the moment we're all pretty low rank and there isn't enough players to make a 100% veteran game happen, nevertheless i as the player should be able to add a T1-2 Artillery, destroyer and whatever so that my playstyle won't be limited to the single T3 ship that qualifies for veteran games. The T1-2 ship will obviously be inferior to other T3's but atleast i won't be stuck using a tac when my team already has 3, or won't be stuck with a sniper when the team desperately needs a beefy Dreadnought.

This will be the case for the Legendary bracket aswell. You grind and grind saving just enough to buy a brand new better version of your ship and boom, you can only bring that thing to the party.

The "Use amplifier modules" contract does not trigger from the Tactical cruisers Beam amplifier module as it should.

Weaponbooster pulse is also an amplifying module but does not trigger the reward counter either.

T4 Medusa Blast pulse module show incorrect dmg in the tooltip ( Only tooltip as far as anyone knows due to the crazy cost of ships)

T4, T5 Light Dreadnought module Onslaught mode shows pre-patch weapon effectiveness bar instead of a % increase value. Assault thrusters shows the same bar.

Also the reward gains from contracts is the same values as pre-patch which is way too low with the new progression, you gain more from a single match. 300, 600 and 1000 credits is not that much for completing the tedious and mostly bugged contracts.