I've just had a game with a player called DN_christopher. While it's very likely that he is a DN dev it can be abused when this game officially launches, therefore i requests a special symbol for all DN gm/dev accounts that only they can have.

This will avoid confusion and abusing in the long run. Maybe a red or golden star in front of the name?


After 20 minutes of restarting the patch finally installed. You should sort out this problem though!

AS the topic states I'm unable to patch the latest hotfix. The download proceeds to 90% then "Too many hash failures" pops up and the patching starts over from scratch. Restarted the client several times but still the same error occurs.

My character portrait in the pre-game lobby overlaps the other players portait + there are random spaces inbetween. It may just be my prefered resolution, however it needs some fine tuning!

On the same topic, the ship loadout window completely blocks my chat window and as soon as someone uses the chat it overlaps the other window.

There's plenty of disabling modules that counters/ hinders vette players.

Corvettes are not OP, it's all about players skill just like every other ship!