Just uninstall and don't look back. I got some random bs email today about credits or some such, so I jumped on the site to figure out what it was all about, but I see they still haven't changed anything.

Just let it go, the dream is dead.

You want proof? Look at how insanely filtered posting on this forum is. They know what they have is worthless, you can't even type the word that starts with C and sounds like Trap

Honor Harrington#0691 posted (#post-53613)

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-53536)

The player traffic most definitely fluctuates as we're still in Closed Beta. As time goes on Dreadnought will become better and better as we approach Open Beta, especially with all of your help and feedback. Once we make the transition into Open Beta we're confident that a lot of the issues with finding matches will no longer exist. smile

Please don't feel offended when I say that in order to make DN better you should actually listen to your players' feedback, because with 1.3.0/1.3.1 you didn't. As it is now, the average "life span" of a new player in this game will be relatively short. Unless you aren't explicitly aiming for your game to become a quick cash grab but to become a long term and rewarding gaming experience you should turn away from Wargaming-type monetization models.

Frankly speaking, what is next? One year of development time for the introduction of "Gold Ammo"?

I feel embarrassed that I recommended DN to my friends shortly before the patch. This is another - and a worse - game now.

I've been monitoring this game on and off because I blew $50 on it the other day, but I can say for myself and 2 others, the average lifespan is a few matches, so lets say a day?

We have all since found Fractured Space and are enjoying that a great deal more than this terrible attempt at World of War Tanks

Right, I wasn't sure if the OP meant it shouldn't be displayed. (And when I first started neither of us noticed it)

I agree with your suggestion, (and am actually about to google FS, thnx for the idea) - however if they are copying World of War Tanks then they absolutely need to have the levels in game also. (You know how annoying it was for the group of us new players who came here the other night and kept getting raped despite trying every group makeup/tactic we could think of, only to find out after GOOGLING the ship names, that we were in the completely stock Tier 1's fighting ships Tier 3+)

If I'm being put against a Tier 3+ ship, I want to know it, because it completely changes how much effort I care to put into a match, if I'm going to be steamrolled I would rather just lay down and get it over with than pointlessly punch the metal roller as it flattens me from my feet first.

So I agree, they absolutely should show their magical skill number they use for MM in game so it's clear for all to see, but I want to see ship levels/tiers also.

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Married with kids and working I have no time to grind. I hope they fix this grind our give us better options. I don't mind pay to win - thats made for people like me who work for a living and doesn't mind paying a few bucks to save time.

I really hope by that you mean Pay To Skip Grinds, and not Pay to Win.....

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what do u mean?you need like 2-3 mins max to get a match,and believe me plenty of people are playing.I am tottaly bored of u people,with one post,never showed on forums,"spreading" doomsday worlds,for a game that is still in closed beta,not even launched.Can someone please delete this?

Oh shut up. We're sick of you pretending this game is going to the stars when it's booster is exploding on the launch pad.

Every thread I've seen discussing this terrible patch, you show up going on and on about how quick the matches are and how much fun you're having. Good for you, I'm glad you feel like a good player now that you're in a T3 shooting T1's.

This game copying World of War Tanks is a terrible idea. The only game that has ever copied it without dying is War Thunder, and that is ONLY because it has a VERY different style of play. (Modules/Crew instead of "Health").

Armored Warfare copied them, almost exactly, the only people playing now are a few people in EU. That game died off incredibly fast when out of no where the Dev's went hard right and tried copying War Tanks. It was really sad sitting in the forums of a promising game watching everyone else tell the Devs "please don't copy world of war tanks, it's a terrible idea, people will hate it". and the devs did it anyways and the player count hemorrhaged.

The game is not "fine" in it's current state, if they push this game that they have created in this patch, it will tank harder than Pauly Shore's career.

Additionally, as someone else pointed out, MODERATE YOUR FORUMS. For two days now there has been some random spammer(s) making the entire front page of your discussion forum random Chinese garbage spam and I've seen the entire page look like that for over 30 minutes. That's embarassing.

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Just say you do not know where the trip really is!

Drednought will be a niche game, since I can also go to WOT or WT gamble. A little more imagination and above all a concept other than this haggard Grinden.Why is so difficult to implement a own system and stand out from the crowd?

So you dont make any new players

Yeah.........I love SciFi and Spaceships......but War Thunder or World of Tanks/Planes/Ships is much less of a mess, if I wanted to go deal with that terrible game concept, I'd go play one of those.

Go ask Armored Warfare how well trying to Copy The Wheel worked out.........

Then why on EARTH did you just make a SciFi World of Warships Tanks Hyrbid? I heard and saw so many cool things about this game, just bought the $49 pack and invited friends with the we are all about to go back to whatever we were each playing before.

This model is terrible. The progression system is GARBAGE.....we were all excited about the different roles we wanted, then we saw this nightmare show of a progression if I want to get into Heavy Destroyer I have to go play a Sniper for 3 Tiers?

Or your new match making system, good lord, you realize one of the biggest "Yeah screw this game" factors of World of Warships / War Thunder / Etc is the whole "Hey , welcome to the match, enjoy being completely dominated because you are super over tiered this game, you're useless, have fun!".

You guys seriously need to reflect on some design choices....