I had to get destroyed via plasma ram by a certain player hundreds of times before I learned how to stop/destroy his ship before it got me.
You still have a standing invitation to squad up with me if you want to learn some methods how to counter groups of tac cruisers or anything really. We're here to help :-)

Good Dreadnought players will work with their teammates

Better Dreadnought players will squad up and communicate over discord/teamspeak/etc.

The Best Dreadnought players will do everything I mentioned + be willing to adapt to the enemy team's composition/tactics - something few accomplish these days.

You could apply the above logic to ANY game but it's true. Sadly, most players don't want to improve.
Most players in LYB have hundreds of hours of DN gameplay. We got wrecked our first months of playing by more experienced players. We didn't roll over and give up, we learned from our losses and developed counters.
In the year 2016, squads would only be matched against squads and that took 20-30 minutes for a single match to begin (if at all!). The player base isn't large enough yet to force this gameplay again.

The LYB community has taken considerable steps to improve player experience.
Players complained we make Legendary no fun when we squad up.... So we solo queued!
People still complained... so we played our less powerful ships...
The complaining has still continued sadly. Not sure what they want us to do next...

We're here to have fun. If you need ideas how to counter ship classes or setups, we're happy to respond in kind. We want more challenges and hope anyone reading this will rise to the occasion.

Nexeroff (or anyone believing him).
I invite you to squad with me and 2 of my fellow DN friends.
We'll be happy to crush any enemy team composition you can imagine just to prove a point in any game mode or league- anything can be countered.
PM me and we'll setup a match. I'll even stream it for anyone that believes ya. My question to you is how badly do we need to beat that team of 2, 3, or 4 tacs for you to withdraw your statement? 100-0?
Until then... Use of any module or officer briefing is not an exploit (quoting the community manager team from an email).
Some need tweaks i'll agree but that doesn't make their use an exploit.
My friends LOVE it when we go against 2-3 tactical cruisers. More easy targets for us to one shot kill with plasma ram and less damage on us to worry about! :-)
The sad thing about the forums is, you don't generally see comments like yours from experienced players because they already know and understand the counters. Brother belial already mentioned a few.
Regardless, have a wonderful day and I'll look forward to your response.

Hop in discord and join the Tier 5 announcement group by typing in "!join T5" without quotes and you will be notified whenever people are queuing Tier 5. Generally we don't ping all 70+ people until we start seeing quite a few tier 4 players in Veteran matches or 10+ in discord just to avoid spamming everyone's discord.

We need more dedicated players like you and your teammates :-)

Just spreading the word that Tier 5 game play is happening daily.

Benefits of Tier 5 game play:

-Higher scores

-More talented players (less pub-stomping with random, less experienced players)

-LOTS of nukes!

-Competitive and team-oriented play (it's a must)

-Enjoy end-game content

There are well over 100 players with multiple Tier 5 ships but some don't realize game play has been occurring.

Game play usually begins in the evening within North American time zones. Weekends are also prime time to have consistent matches.

I invite all Tier 5 players to hop on discord in the Legendary 1 or 2 voice channels with or without a microphone to show an increased presence or interest.

Tier 5 ships are the most fun in the game, allowing you to utilize the best modules ships have to offer. Some attacks can do up to 93,600 damage!

We invite all Tier 5 players to show up on discord and join in on the mayhem!

Match play usually begins around 9:00pm EST (2100).

My fellow Dreadnought captains,

For the past 2 months, we have been steadily able to organize Tier 5 matches to the point they are daily and 'almost' consistent in the evenings.

Those interested in playing their end-game warships I invite you to join the Dreadnought beta testers discord server, sign up for Tier 5 alerts/pings so you can be made aware when matches are about to start or have started.

The purpose of this post is to bring awareness that Tier 5 play is becoming a norm and we'd like it to become even bigger.

Tier 5 game play has been consistently occurring around 9pm-midnight EST but we'd like to start earlier so people can play longer.

We propose if enough are interested, pop in discord in the legendary voice channels on discord, with or without a microphone and show a presence.

77 people as of now have signed up for Tier 5 alerts, a number that is fast increasing!

There are over 100 players with Tier 5 ships now.

Many have at least five Tier 5 ships as well! Game play is much more team oriented with a lot more explosions.

We invite all to join us in the Legendary ranks!

I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

Tier 5 matches do happen and are happening. They usually occur during evenings in the North American Time zones. As was mentioned before, if you desire Tier 5 game play, join the Dreadnought Beta testers discord server and sign up for tier 5 alerts by typing in "!join T5" without quotes. Anytime the @T5 group is pinged, you are notified. We played around 8 matches this evening back to back with little to no wait time.

There are well over 100 players with multiple tier 5 ships

Recently, SpartanTrex and I maxed out one of our Tier 5s (everything unlocked). Come join in on the fun!

Admiral Piett, let me answer a few of your comments/questions.

The Community team did seek feedback from the player base but not in the way you described.

One of the Community managers met with most of the entire Moderator/Admin discord team on voice chat and discussed the details of the upcoming system over a month before its announcement.

The moderator / admin team has a diverse wealth of experience and backgrounds suited to helping with such decisions in an organized and professional setting.

The CM discussed proposed changes and we gave our feedback with the pros and cons of each - unanimously praising the removal of maintenance for something much better.

While it would be nice to know the specifics of every patch before it comes out, Greybox has chosen to release things on the day of in most cases, something we have to accept.

Certainly major bugs or exploits will always be addressed in due time but I trust we all can endure a little longer without knowing the nitty gritty of what adjustments are to come.

sorry Zero totally forgot about the other 12 things. (Included in the next edition of "How to avoid getting killed by corvettes") smile

There is not a lack of Tier 5 players.

In fact there are over 80 players with Tier 5 ships, many of whom have multiple T5 ships.

With the current maintenance structure, losing in a Legendary match without being top 3 in the match costs 3500-4000 credits. Most don't want this risk, hence the game mode is less popular- but not due to a lack of interest or players. I personally don't worry about maintenance as I have several hundred thousand credits on hand but I'm only one of those 80+ T5 players.

When maintenance is removed, I have a feeling many of the experienced Tier 4 players will move into Legendary, opening Veteran to the new players without getting crushed as often. Tier 5s are a lot more fun to play in my experience.

Once Legendary starts being populated, those of us who have upgraded our T5s already will have a significant head start over those who decided to wait. Several Tier 5 modules with the Module Amp officer briefing do 78,000+ damage (Mine catapult & Nuke Salvo). Imagine that hitting you... Can't wait for the mayhem :-)