Actually can agree to this. Have had a few times where I have successfully killed the purge rammer but it does need a nerf. Maybe making the disruptor have a shorter time of affect? Or possible reducing the damage of the ram?

Athos all the way smile

I feel like this issue is going to go away after the game goes into open beta and/or the closed beta pool gets bigger. For now just leave the game and reque or grow some thick skin and deal with it.

Pegasus Command like from BSGO?

Just did the same thing for me. I tabbed back into Jabber and then tabbed back to the launcher and now its patching. Dunno whats up with it. Maybe you need to touch it in the right place?

EDIT: Okay now it is doing it

EDIT EDIT: It runs. Let it do its thing overnight and has been running with no issues