Next game, crashed again - that's 3 out of 4 that have done that.

Over 2 hours and not a single xp awarding match played.

Pointless playing tonight - worst patch since starting in closed beta.

There are some positive things I've spotted but honestly they're all completely over shadowed.

Agree so so frustrating.

Can't purchase modules, it just locks up the game so have to restart (which I've done about 8 times now).

Eventually get a game only to get kicked in the first few minutes.

Second match is the same.

Third match played to completion and as i was admiring the beautiful new scoreboard, I was booted back to dashboard with no xp or credits.

When trying to create a squad, friends list is decimated again, and after finally getting a squad together, we just couldn't get queued.

The dashboard I could put up with, but not being able to play games is really annoying.