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If you are not playing, then why are you here? You come here just to post doom and gloom and how bad the game is to you, over and over and over again.

A lot of your complaints are purly subjective, progression, market prices, balance. I'm not saying all of theres are perfect, but not everyone feels the same, and everyone has a different opinion on value/worth. You or I do not have to spend a penny on this game to play it. This week i got my final T5 ship, 261 hours of play time to unlock all T5 ships, thats not bad at all. Thats not even a quater of the play time I have in some games. I could probably take 61 hours out of that too as when i started playing there was a thing called maintenance where you had to pay credits to play veteran if your team lost. so I spent 3 months of my play time in recruit, so that probably equalled 60 ish hours.

To some people 261 hours is a lot, to others they probably play 24 hours a week easy. It's all about perception.

Odd I Think you edited that Belial. You ask if you dont play then why are you here. I am here to give feedback granted I think that is being ignored and frankly think this game is already in the dusbin at this point. You talk about progression and how you spent 261 hours in the game leveling etc etc. You forget when we leveled the progresion in Vet was much diffrent I guess because you chouse not to be honest Ill be. Vet used to be Teir 2 to Teir 4 then they decided to take Teir 2 out of it because they were cannon fodder and while that made some people quiet down about the problem that has existed and has contued to exict it solved very little. I am hearing this from people that are new to the game and are saying "why play Teir 3 in vet we have little chance to really do anything." Yes, I am a founder and yes i have spent alot of time in the game playing im sure you and me can get in a nice conversation about "time played" frankly I am getting sick of devlopters and customer service resps telling gamers they are just crying about progression because hey we did it and you just need to shut up. This has become a ongoing theme in the gaming comunity and it really needs to stop. They are still "talking about the change from Teir 4 to Leg" according to the FAQ with Matt Tobiason and to be frank I hope the window on this game has not closed though I fear it has, this change should have happend LONG before it hit steam. Maybe you can have a "relaunch" party after you decide to fix this game and people will come back. I do not know Though I hope.

I am of the option that the devs are hearing what they want to. The Teir 3 vs Teir 4 problem has been talked about in many posts on this form long before it ever hit steam. In a podcast you can view on youtube the Dev's talk about how they are going to "fix" this issue in the comming weeks. When the patch comes they are talking about nothing is addressed regarding this only a "energy" balance. Joy. I am of the option that people like having new players flying T3 ships so that they can kill them. While I enjoy the game and have spent a good deal of money on it, I am not currently looking at playing it on a daily basis because I do not feel it is worth my time or energy when the game will be dead in 6 months if this keeps on the way it is going.

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To catch you up on upcoming changes: T4 is no longer in Veteran, only Legendary.

The Good:

  • Gap between T4 & T5 is much smaller than T3 & T4

  • Veteran will be a much more even playing field

  • Will most likely greatly reduce legendary que times

  • May improve legendary matchmaking

The Bad:

  • Will be much harder to level up T4 ships, as getting high scores will be harder in legendary

  • Will also be harder to level T4 ships, as you will only be able to get Battle Bonus in one mode instead of two

  • Going from flying T3s to being up against T5s is a huge huge jump

  • Players just out of T3 will be introduced to the merciless seal clubbing of certain elite groups

  • Some T5 modules greatly outclass T4 modules of the same type


I think the real thing to improve here is general module balance within the T4/T5 bracket. The big problem here is players fresh out of T3 going up against elite T5 groups, and he reason elite groups stomp so well is that they typically take advantage of the most overpowered stragies in the game, which are just exacerbated by access to T5 modules.
Good change, there are definitely tradeoffs made here, but overall net positive.

I am at a loss to understand how did not even talk about the T3 and T4 balance in your overall bracket and wanted to talk about the T4 vs T5 braket and while there is a balance issue there to some extent as you pointed out in the start it is really nothing compared to the Vet braket.

Im going to be frank, as it stands right now the balance between T3 and T4 ships is a joke and has been as the podcast pointed out. Now the bracket change might change "fix" the problem or they could fix T3 ships and make them competive vs T4 ships. I guess I am not supprized you are not going to "fix" the problem when you launched on steam I was hopfull you would balance the Teir ships better sadly you refuse to do this. I Just wonder how long the new players will play in this enviroment and I just hope you fix the balance before the new players decide to leave this game off looking for the next ship combat game.

The steam launch has fixed some issues and frankly it added a few. The main problem besides the UI is the balance issue in vetren that has been there for a while. Teir 3 ships vs Teir 4 ships has if anything gotten worse with the healing nerfs. What I can not understand is why this balance issue made it into the steam launch. I am not talking about a huge buff to Teir 3 ships health and some base damage might help though.

I think the new UI is something that needs a lot of work. While I am sure they wanted to make the game look the same between the PC and PS4 the UI for the PC is horable. The old UI might have been basic at least it made sence. At times with this UI I feel like im going in 3 differtent directions to get to the same spot. Also the fact that old modules for ships are not availbile right now makes me kind of sad. leveling ships with base modules is painful.

I enjoyed dreadnaught after wathing this beta develop I had hope it would improve over time. Sadly for me with the latest patch that sove some of the issues in the game the reality is that the core issues will alway be there. The bug that most haunts me and the main reason for the uninstall is the no hud respawn. This is where I respawn into the game then fly around I have no hud I guess I can use modules I can not attak Funny thing I can be attacked though so ya ya sitting duck. No thanks. done. I have tried to contact the support a few times over this and been told ya we are aware of it and are working on it. good luck on steam if it goes there with this issue alone the game will die in 2 weeks.

Graybox Support? you mean the dreadnaught twiter feed? ?

They are looking at it; sucks that it is a weekend bonus though maybe this was a test to see how stable the servers are before they drop it onto steam. 2 weeks ....sigh

I can not log in - it keeps me on Loading.

I have been thinking about writing this post for some time and am really not sure where to start with Dreanaught. First off I want to say I really enjoy Dreadnaught while the balance is not perfect it has a foundation of a solid game.

Recruit - I have been helping friends get into the game and the balance here is very nice. Though there is only really 1 way to do any kind of a purge and this makes the dreadnaught armor module a bit of a broken problem. There needs to be a balance point added in the form of a destroyer module or art crusier.

Vetern- I remmber when this mode was full of T2 ships and while that was in place; the balance kind of worked to a point though as people correctly pointed out at the time the T2 ships were nothing more then cannon fotter for the T4 ships. Right now the problem is T3 ships are have replaced T2 ships and have become the fodder for the matches. Because of this we need to increse the damage of T3 ships, or decrese the T4 ships and modules. Right now the balance is hard for people that are just starting to play the game to get there heads wraped around fighting matchs where people are considered support (that is all T3 ships are in Vetern matches.)

Legendary- The bigest complaint I have heard from people is that T5 ships are not as over powered as T4 ships in relation to the T3 / T4 in Vetern. People are expecting to see that same power jump between the teirs because that is what they saw in T3 to T4 and it is not quite there.

Officer breefings:
Yes they are sometimes overpowered. Adrenline shot being a prime example - get 4 healing tac's and they all have adrinlne shot and they never run out of energy for shilds and really never die given a good comp. My fear with this will be that the developers will take the Nerf bat approach to these things and make them a compleate joke to the point where we will be back in recruit all over again and having unlocked and worked to unlock these things becomes a pointless waste of time - something I will quit the game over if it ever happends.

Nukes. Can some one tell me why they nerfed theese things so hard? there is really no point to nukes at all - I rarely see them used in Legendary matches, or vetern matches and really it is no supprize. They have a hard time to hit and when they do hit do not go though shilds. There are counters in the game im fairly sure are rarely used because somone cried to the developers about how broken these were and they got nerfed hard. These need to go though shilds. or have a modifyer on them so they hurt alot more if it hits a shild - If you get hit by a nuke at full shild - you should still take damage - it should take down the shild and do damage to you not just be absorbed.


I want to take screenshots to explain what i see sometimes. I find it an amusing joke at how many times I respawn and My ship is spawned in and I have no hud. I can be attacked - yet I can not see any modules or health or energy. This seems to only happen on respawn. I have also had an instance where I spawned in saw my ship and still did not have a hud. That time I could atleast fire modules guess at energy. This bug needs to be worked out of the game ASAP.

Frankly - if you release the game on steam before some or all of these problems are not fixed the game will proablty die within 2 weeks of launch into steam only to be forgoten.

I have been having these random respawns lately where it spawns me and does not give me a hud. I can fly around and be attacked I can not attack. This can last 3 seconds or 30 seconds. Is this just lag?