Using a derelict ship for cover won't work very well, for it won't completely cover your spaceship. It will also not protect you from snipers that can snipe around the wreck. For more area suppression weapons like the dreadnought mid ranged guns however, even a little cover can make the difference.

Does your clan have room for an old hand from the jade falcon clan?

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-544)

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain! Your curriculum seem pretty strong =D

I call dibs. He's on my team first!

If your thinking about a straight sandstorm, you don't need to load that many particles themselves. Imagine the amount of effects and particles the weapons themselves are using, adding a very low number of "sand" particles to know it's there in the distance. As far as the wind goes and whatnot, having a straight drag/acceleration along a straight vector is not to hard to add to the map itself.

Wondercrudge#1518 posted (#post-489)

What you want more info... fine.

I'm a dork that enjoys space... and ships. Spaceships are even better. My fondness for space is pretty standard in terms of origins. You know, Star Wars, Star Trek, all that good stuff. But the one that really made me enjoy space sci-fi's was a little game called Homeworld. Well little before the Remastered Edition but I'm not pimping that here... sort of.

Star trek: StarFleet Command as also the nutz...

Anyways, Hi all!!

You say homeworld and I'm just like, TFS? (but here's not the time nor place...)

Welcome to the void, and may your ship disappear before your found. Good flying, and may my higaraan cruiser show his ion turrets to your rear. Fly safe.

Thasarion#5795 posted (#post-510)

It's always nice to welcome new captains. I look forward to fighting with or against you.

What he said. Let the sky's hold no enemy to stop your passage, or let that minefield appear out of nowhere..

Thank you. It is great to be back. Life is crazy.

As for your questions in the end, There are no official rumors on beta. When Yeagar decides to release beta, sign up then. And I don't know about forum time. There are people from all over the world, so it is always active.

Another one could be labeled "sabotage". Bear with me for a second. In the fictional universe where these behemoths would be fighting, it would assume that two large nations would be fighting over some "reason". Sabotage could be a game like king of the hill, but in low orbit around the world and trying to capture a satellite. The satellite could be destructible (with artillery cruiser for example) in case one side is losing bad enough but doing so can give the other side points at the cost of giving both teams time to respawn and prepare for another king of the hill match. The reason why I would like to call it sabotage is because in the future, a great deal of automation is required to have such massive infrastructure, and networking to keep everything together. The sabotage part, reason for king of the hill, is to use "jammers" on the ships to keep the other team from "hacking" the satellite and causing chaos below.

The long complicated version ^^^^^^^^^, easier explanation is king of the hill with destructible objective to give teams a respite in the combat, for when one side loses terrifically and there is only one or two members left with no chance to hold the objective.

Reverand#2178 posted (#post-239)

Exactly, I'm hoping for a feature where you could modify your ship. Perhaps by gaining experience points which you could spend on either improving your ship, or unlocking new ships. Also we would be nice to gain currency in order to be able to purchase these upgrades, so theres a resource cost and a purchase cost.. perhaps even a repair cost for your ship :]

So go the route of say, Call of Duty, or World of tanks? Play to earn? (Not sure what you'd call it.) I'd be worried about it amplifying any Pay to win mechanics, or make it into a grind fest, if that's the way they implement it. It can be done, it just has to be done carefully.

It can be done carefully. Have you ever tried Planetside 2? The starting guns in that game are among the most powerful in the game, and paying does not increase your chances of killing another person. Paying helps distinguish your character out of the mass, with nothing more than cosmetics. It will be interesting to see how they implement the extra ships, and whether or not each ship in the class will have a different main weapon. I will have faith in the developers until a time when they give me reason not to.

Hello fellow officers of the deck. Meanme reporting after absence, the struggling of the academy still wears at me (college). I have been an avid follower of dreadnought since I've heard of it and have tried my utmost to excel to advance my training at the academy. I am ready and raring whenever the shooting starts admirals...