I think the player base is pretty low recently.

One problem is that people don't realize this is a real beta test, not the fake beta tests marketing people put on to let people have early access. A lot of people have had their concept of Beta testing distorted by all the fake beta tests that happen in games.

It might help if DN clarified this, so people know that the game is still undergoing changes and tuning.

I'm sure player base will pick up again next patch.

So many beginners complain about Corvettes, here's my advice.

If Corvettes bother you in Recruit, get good with the TAC Cruiser. No corvette should be wracking up 10+ kills if the TAC cruisers are on the ball. Couple tips.

  • Watch for them, learn their approach routes. There's only 3 maps to learn and most corvettes take the same routes.

  • Get a beam on them as soon as you can, and follow them across their route.

  • If you can see them approach, put all power to Weapons + Beam amplifier and you can burn them down before they know what hit them. Shield up right after they die, incase they get off a Torpedo.

  • Be mobile, don't sit in the same spot so they know where you are.

  • I use Energy Generator, so you have the ability to extend your shield life. Occasionally you get a Corvette that wants to shield up and trade fire head to head with you. The double shield life the Generator gives you will usually win you that fight. It can also help you get back online fast if they drain your energy.

Seems like 5-8PM PST there are few game, probably still have some east coast players on. Then as we get near 9-12 PST it gets very few to no games. Both Recruit and Veteran become dead.

Usually there is a group on the Discord channel chatting about it and trying to co-ordinate Queues, but often we can't get enough logged in.

Weekends seem to be better, with often games going all night. Earlier in the day is also a lot better.

Player traffic is definitely the late night PST problem. Couple nights in a row we just don't have 16 people online. Most of us are on Discord talking about it each night, and Borg is even Streaming the time sitting in Hangars.

So send out like 200+ invites to people that live in on North American West coast, and Mid Pacific.

A bunch of us were trying to Queue last night around 9PM -12PM PST, with no luck. If that helps at all. It could have just been low population of testers though. We tried both Recruit and Veteran.

It's really noticeable when you activate Armor Breaking Ammo on the Lorica. Suddenly your bullets become a nice tight pattern (like pre-update). Then after 5 shots you are back to the large spread.

I can't tell if contracts even work. Half of them don't seem to count when I do them, like "Win a Battle", "Use an Armor Module".

The ones that I do complete don't seem to update my Credits. The whole U.I. on these needs improvement. There is strange [!] on them that feels like a button but isn't, that's just confusing. They need more of a celebration when I complete one, and a clear indication that the Credits were rewarded.

The biggest problem is there are now times when there are not even 16 people online. Could even be less because I thing a game will startup with 14.

We were all in Discord last night trying to coordinate Queues and even then we were maybe 10-12 people and could not get a game started.

The Tester base has just dropped too low.

It's funny because I've been sitting in meetings listening to Call of Duty guys discuss matchmaking improvements. Anything over 30 seconds is a fail for them. Hoping that this MM improves with more people online.

I think you discovered the same issue a lot of us have. T3 is sort of a dead tier. You are better to just play T1/T2 until you can skip over it and go right to T4.

I decked out an entire fleet of T2 ships, since I expect to be playing T1/T2 for a long time. I'm about 320+ games in, have one T4 unlocked and geared up (I did spend some GP to get Elite and Convert some XP to global). I'm working on a second T4 now. No desire to get T5 till there a lot more players.

I really don't mind playing T1/T2, I wish they'd expand out the modules there a tiny bit for new players, and find a way to make it worth playing T3.

I like to play a fairly aggressive Tac Cruiser, using Energy Generator to always have extra movement and shields ready. I find if I am being aggressive and mobile, the Catapults rarely get me, and often I get them first.

It's when I get bogged down in some gully having to heal a TON, because the team can't push and go on the offensive, that's when I am most likely to get a Bomb Catapult death. A Nuclear Torpedo or Nuke would have done just the same to me. I was not able to be mobile and make myself a hard target to hit, so the death is kind of expected.

There are a lot of Artillery and Tac Cruisers out there that just camp a spot and never move. They kind of deserve to die from the catapult.