Thanks for the update!

The good news is that I really want to play! So the game is fun!

W/L 1.16

KD 1.26


Rank 18

I usually play Tac Cruiser, but the game right before I was locked out, I played Dreadnought and got a Rampage Ribbon. I remember unlocking some research stuff on the Ceres, then queuing up for a game and discovering I was perma locked out of MM.

Before this happened MM was working great, about 3-4 minute Queues. Have let it set for over an hour multiple times now and no games. Have tried RECRUIT and VETERAN

I was good Saturday and Sunday morning, 3 minute Queues about 30 games in a row.... then something happened, I unlocked a few Modules in research, re-queued for a game, and now nothing for bout 8 hours. Multiple attempts at many games, can't get into anything.

Definitely a bug, they need to fix soon!

It's some sort of bug, Queues were like 3 minutes for me 30 games in a row, then suddenly what happened to you started happening. Lot of people seeing it. No games for some people,

I was curious to know if it could go 24 hours!

Not much to post about. Matchmaking seems to have some sort of bug, where eventually you can never get a game ever again. Can only post about it so much.

Had 3 minute Queues, played like 30 games in a row, then with no change in the way I Queue, it's 1 hour and nothing... happens every time I queue now. No games. Seems to be a common issue for many people.

It's definitely strange. I played about 5 RECRUIT games with a 2-3 minute Queue each time. Then suddenly 30+ minute queue. I usually reboot the game and it seems to fix it when this starts happening.

I don't even Queue for VETERAN, that's a whole other issue. If I go 6 minutes in the VETERAN queue, I leave and go play RECRUIT.


If you are going to occasionally rank up a T2 from a RECRUIT fleet queue to fill a missing spot in a T4 VETERAN game, at least Buff the T2 ship so it has a fighting chance. You could just apply special mission briefings to that ship for that game, that give it some extra power to be competative.

Besides sucking for the T2 player currently, by getting hunted down as the easy kill, it sucks for the team he is on too, as he is the weak link that dies easy and gives the other team lots of points.

Before I started gaming the system yesterday to prevent this... every game was me in a T2 versus T4s. That says that

- Squads failed

- Fleet Rating Failed

- and MM was the factor.

It's possible there just aren't 16 Veteran Fleet players queued at any moment.

By keeping the 3 T1 starter ships in my Recruit fleet, they never up rank me to fight Veteran players. So anyone else doing this too, is never going to be upranked to fill in the missing last spot of a Veteran game.

Falkenherz according to the patch notes T2 can be matched against T4. Trick I found to avoid this is put 3 Tier 1 ships in your Recruit Fleet. That seems to trick the match maker to think you are a new player and never matches you against T4

Still at about 3-4 minutes per queue... last 4 hours of playing. Been using above trick to stay versus T1 and T2

I am queued with three T1 ships and two T2 ships in my recruit fleet, so the matchmaker thinks the fleet is a real noobie fleet, since the Average is below T2... I seem to get put into games a lot of first time players.

When I queued with all T2 ships... it took a long time and often put me with T3 and T4.