I've worked in games for over 25+ years. One flawed concept I see repeatedly in games is "This feature works great when we are successful". Most the companies that say that are out of business. Your match making system is based on that concept. When we have a ton of players it will work great, but what about when you don't have the players?

This game may need time to build an audience. It may not have 50,000 players online immediately. The Queue needs to not deter people from playing the game. In the company of 300+ people I work at, we play a lot of games. I am the only person interested in Dreadnought. I could not get anyone else to play because the Queue times are so long.

If you firmly believe your queue system will be better with more people, then you should open up Beta for a weekend and see if you get the number of players necessary to make it work. Else I'd figure a different structure for you matchmaking.

There are ways this game could have been structured to make a single queue work, to insure fast matchups, without a split tier population. Queue times need to be under 1 minute to be competitive with other games. If not, then you need an activity to entertain people while they wait, like a test area with A.I.s to fly around in your ship while you wait.

You pretty much have fixed 8 player T4 groups queuing together, unable to find another T4 group, and the entire group gets queued with a bunch of random peeps. mostly made up of T1 and T2. They slaughter them, and then repeat. Just racking up cash off the bad match making.

I would not bother playing till they fix match making.

I'm not convinced it can ever be really good, as they pursued a older system of 6 Queue buckets, that splits their user base and reduces people available to each bucket. Most companies have moved towards fewer queue buckets and tricks to allow everyone to play together from a single queue.

I definitely agree with the Currency issue. The set up now is just confusing, especially to new players, and the U.I. does not make it easy to understand. You don't want to gamble that people will have the patience to figure all this stuff out. The game need to make early game as easy to understand as possible to not discourage people from trying it out.

That entire system could be simplified to just a single form of currency to unlock everything, and the ability to purchase that currency with Hard Cash, and captain levels as an extra gating mechanism. (that kind of sounds like their old system)

My goal with these comments is to help the game attract lots of players, and build a strong player base. To do so, the initial player experience has to be good. "Git Gud", "just dont know how to play" does not help new players into the game. A ship that is easy to learn and use, helps more.

From a Game Design aspect the Morning Star does not achieve it's purpose. It's a free ship given to encourage people to purchase the packs and learn the game, then it needs to be built around helping new players have the most amazing initial experience, get excited about the game, purchase more and play a lot.

Does the Morning Star seem poorly outfitted as a starter ship to anyone else? As the ship that is given free in both Starter packs, it seems to be asking the new inexperienced player to perform a strategy that is hard to do without team work and coordination. Even harder to do now with 8 enemies as closing to use your weapons just gets you focused fired.

I'd suggest giving it at least one weapon that has some reach, maybe some Vulture missiles instead of the Tractor beam, which does not even work well with terrain blocking. Missiles would be easier for new players, and they look pretty cool firing. Really that's what you want, new player to be impressed and have a cool easy to use ability.


When players Queue they can choose Recruit Fleet or Veteran. If they choose Veteran and not enough people are available it puts them in the Recruit Fleet game using their Recruit Fleet. if they have no Recruit Fleet formed, they use some default one.

The real problem is T4 people unable to form a game and getting dumped on Recruit Fleet. The above fixes that issue.


If a player Queues for a Veteran Game, and one can't be found for them, don't dump their Veteran Fleet into a Recruit Game. Dump their Recruit fleet into that game. Currently if a single Tier 4 Kali pretty much determines the outcome of any Recruit game. Beside just being a very hard to kill healer, it's secondary weapons do quite a bit of damage against Tier 1 and 2 targets.

I could live with the grind, if the gameplay at the lower tiers was more fun.

The ships and weapon choices available at the start make the games very boring... Hunt as a fast moving swarm, or die to endless sniper attack. Also hope you have a Kali Hero ship on your side. That alone seems to turn many of the games.

I think you are not showing off the strong aspects of this game to new players, by hiding Dreadnoughts and some of the fun longer range weapons so deep into the Grind. I'd look at the mix of weapons and offer some more interesting stuff up front. Have the Tier 2 ships toss in some fun options, like a Nuke, Vulture Missiles, or even Fighter Bays. I bet Fighters would actually be useful in lower tier fights.

Yes, nice write up.

I agree with the above. I did not become interested in this game to play poorly equipped T1-T2 ships against almost identical T1-T2 ships.

I became interested (and purchased) this game. because it let me play huge Dreadnoughts and explore tons of different load outs fairly quickly. I won't have the patience to grind on the current treadmill in hopes that someday I will get to play the pre-patch game again. Other games will suck my attention away long before I get there.


As someone that works 8-10 hours a day (making games actually), and games maybe another 4 hours each day. I really don't want to grind for weeks playing Artillery Cruisers when what I really want is access to the INVICTUS Dreadnought and a way to equip with what I want. Those games playing a ship I don't enjoy are not a fun experience.

You want to make money and I WANT TO PAY YOU! So give me a way to skip past the grind of ships I am not interested in. Hero ships are nice, but I want customizable ships.

New Players also will be very confused by the limited selection of ship types. If I had NOT played before this patch and you told me this was a game where I could drive big capital ships. This new player experience does not deliver on that. The lack of a starter dreadnought is very strange, as the core concept of the game is not demonstrated.

For me initially the ability to fire a Nuke early, and Broadsides were too of the coolest things that sold me on this game. Those two things seem to be buried deep into the game now.