At certain hours of the day the BETA player base is pretty small, so there maybe only a single Veteran Game going or just 1-2 Recruit game. I usually check in to the Discord channel and see what people are playing. Weekends usually have lots of games going.

Last night was kind of sucky, I think half the people were queued for Veteran and half for Recruit, and for quite a while neither got enough people to start a game.

Remember if you are the 17th person queued and there is only enough for 1 game, you may have to wait like 10+ minutes to get into the next game.

I think his real point is it's not just modules, but say you want two T4 builds of a Dreadnought, you have to grind out two trees worth of two different dreadnoughts just to get a counter build.

I agree Anyone. There should be some option we can tech out that allows us to run duplicate ships in our fleet with different load outs, else it gets stupid. Before 2.o I used to keep the same dreadnought with 3 different load outs just to be able to counter certain strategies.

I also think they just need to reduce the power difference between T3 and T4. I'd say that it's pretty much impossible for a T3 to counter a T4 at all, unless the T4 player is really bad.

I kind of like it. I know it's hard on new players, but it's also not an easy thing to pull off. When the MM pool is bigger the players skilled in that will probably get matched against other skilled players.

Once I figure out a player is running that strat I can usually make them pay.

It really seems to be time of day right now. The Beta player pool is so small, that you just need to hit it at the right time.

I do recommend Discord. it at leasts lets you see if there are a bunch of players in Squad chat. You can ask then if they are Recruit or Veteran queue

I like it.

Would eliminate the T3, which most are learning is not worth playing.

The way maintenance is applied is flawed design. Those that win get more points to buy better stuff and get stronger faster, those that lose stay weak so they can lose more to those that are strong.

It's the "Rolling Whammy" effect it's kind of Game Design 101, and something to avoid in every game design. Shows some inexperienced game designers if they don't recognize it.

I was seeing this last night. Was the first time I'd really seen a huge drop in frame rate since this game started. I think one of the problems is that everyone goes for the Pulse effects now. Was a ton of Armor Booster Pulse everywhere, since Armor Amp got nerfed so no one wants to use it.

Those not only have the graphics effect, but probably require more network communication between all the ships being hit by the pulse.

This was really bad frame rate, definitely sub 30, and occasional lag spikes. I am running a Geforce 690X. Not sure where that is in the world of cards.

If I unlock this, it will be the 3rd Dreadnought. I unlocked the Lorica which seems to do well as the Broadsides Dreadnought I was hoping for.

I had planned on the Voronezh as a Starling missile platform.

I'm not really sure what I could do with the Jutland/Monarch. If Bombers were good (probably are not), it could be used as a carrier, since they have a short cool down. But, yeah it seems to not live up to what it promises. Huge slow hard to kill thing. It should have better guns, at least at medium range, so that if it ever does close to combat, it's effective.

He is definitely not cheating, but people need to watch for him, and swap ships to deal with him if necessary. Don't just let him park high up in the sky and artillery you all match.

Times I see him lose, you need to pressure him. Push on his position, and keep things like missiles and other distractions on him. You probably won't win a straight up Artillery war with him, as the two are voice coordinating and will either focus fire you with 2 artillery, or one of them will swap to healer to keep the other up.

Just need to play smart to beat him. It's not easy though

On the plus side, I think the ships feel more realistic in handling, and the combat is more fun than Fractured Space.

The minor art issues like debris collision won't make or break the game.

They just need to fix most the other issues and this could be a really awesome game.