I agree it sucks. I just stopped playing T3 till I had T4.

Most everyone I see has gone to farming Credits in Recruit fleet. Just make sure you keep a single T1 ship in your recruit fleet, so you don't get sucked into Veteran games.

It's not frustrating, I enjoy figuring out an answer!

The Weapon Breaker, that's a nice touch. Didn't ever see your load out during the game so missed that.

I'll come up with an answer eventually. Just wish we could have dual instances of a ship in a fleet, so there could be alternate load outs. I may need to unlock that ship too, and try that build.

I would not waste any XP on T5 till there are like 1 minute queues on T4. Even then I'll unlock a half dozen ships on T4 first to get the Briefings I want.

I'm not sure Stasis pulse would help in this situation.

I've been having a corvette that parks itself about 50 feet from me, does not try to evade. Broadsides take him to about 50%, I fire the main cannons right at him, he shields up and burns me down with two beams. I usually have armor amp and Armor pulse and he can out last that, and still kills me first.

I think it's the Kinetic armor that makes him unkillable as it helps feed his shields

I may need Armor Breaking Ammo or some sort of energy drainer.

It does look like they put "monetization" ahead of "fun".

Three reasons I am here.

  • I like the base gameplay, it is fun, but they are making it really hard to have that fun.

  • I don't expect this game to have lifespan, so I'm playing it now before it vanishes. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

  • We have our own PVP game coming out in 2018. I am learning so much about what not to do.

Most every game I play in Recruit is full experienced players farming credits in Recruit league. It's the best way to get credits and the Queue times are short.

You can just hope that the MM puts equal numbers of them on each team.


The "ANY" queue button should look at Recruit, Veteran and Legendary fleets and pick which is the fastest game to get into. This would allow people to essentially queue for all 3 levels at one time. Might actually get more Veteran games queued if people knew their queue was not wasted, and that they might get into Recruit if nothing pans out.

As it is now I never queue for Veteran, because I know it's going to be 15+ minutes of nothing, till I give up and swap to a Recruit game.


Grats on the Lorica, I got mine too, and it sits in the hangar most the time, unable to get into a game. Sad part is they seemed to have nerfed the main batteries, and mine gets farmed by T4 Corvettes. No option to have an alternate load outs to counter that... any ideas for anti-corvette load outs?

Farming credits in T4 seems so counter-productive, I usually just give up and go back to Recruit. They should let you Queue for both RECRUIT or VETERAN games.

Hi Zombie, I think we were in a few games together last night.

In Recruit games, I find Plasma Broadsides surprise a lot of Corvettes that get to close. Also so much of Corvette defense requires the whole team to be alert, especially the Tac Cruisers, but that rarely happens.

If your Recruit Fleet Dreadnought is getting sucked into T4 games, which will be impossible for you, try placing a T1 ship into your Recruit fleet, tends to keep that from happening.

I agree matchmaking should be fixed before Release, but we are in Beta, so you have to go with what works till the bugs are worked out.

I can confirm. T1 ships in your recruit fleet works great to lock you into Recruit Tier.

I plan to finish grinding to unlock T4 ships this weekend via Recruit games. I actually enjoy Recruit games, but if DN wants people to play T3/T4 they need to fix the matchmaking before release