My point though is that even Battleborn could have kept it's tiny community if their match making had a way of balancing across different levels of players. But it did not, so it became pointless to even queue, since every game was a disaster in balancing. Once it was evident there was no hope, we fled that game!

Fractured space with it's larger player base is showing balancing problems too.

So building in some sort of balancing system to your matchmaking allows a game to survive periods of low population, and helps keep people from giving up and leaving the product. I want this game to succeed, I've put cash into this game and have hopes for it, but if the gameplay is imbalanced and rarely fair, then I will leave and find something else.

I hope they are watching Fractured Space too. They have a lot of matchmaking issues and are boasting 1 million players now. Anytime you split up your matchmaking into lots of small groups, you make it a lot harder to put together a good game.

Battleborn was a great example of how fast a tiered system could fall apart. Once people started to leave it became impossible to find 10 people for a PVP match at any level that was balanced. The game was only out about 1 month before PVP was pretty much dead except for a few small hours a week.

Biggest problem I have with the Tiers is there is no reason to ever play Tier 3. It's at a huge disadvantage in Veteran games facing lots of T4 Hero ships. So you will lose more and pay repair costs playing T3. You are better to stay locked into T2 Recruit games, till you have enough points to skip T3 and go right to T4, where you can then farm any fools that show up in Veteran games in T3s.

This means that you actually see almost no change in gameplay strategies or new modules from T2 to T4. Which is a long period of the exact same gameplay.

They need to make T3 somehow significant, since it's a long grind between T3 and T4, give us a reason to use the T3 ships.

I worry about the number of players actually coming to the game. The game has extremely few if any independent twitch streams most the time, which is a bad sign for interest level. It does not stream well with 10+ minute Queues for matches, so it's a little of a Catch 22. Can't get exposure to get more players if they game does not Queue and play faster, which won't happen without more players.

The "Everything will be work great, once we are successful" strategy is kind of flawed.

"Recruit AFK Farming"

Darn, Recruit fleet was the only semi-balanced mode, now even that is ruined?

I have to agree. There's no reason to ever play a T3 ships in VETERAN, it's not fun with all the T4 Hero ships there.

Game is more balanced and a lot of fun in RECRUIT, so I am also grinding out my T4 ship in just RECRUIT games.

I'll try to suggest something that won't involve major re-designs of U.I. and gameplay.


  • Start with Reducing the differences between the Tiers. Believe me, people will grind out every ounce of improvement on a Tier system even if T5 is only 2% better than T4. it's just the way people are. it would improve your matchmaking significantly.

  • Create some more Officer Briefings and sprinkle them throughout Ranks 4 and 5. You must have some more ideas, and people will collect those just to get all the variety of options they could use on ANY ships. You need more "Carrots" like these to lead people down alternate tech trees. The current Briefings are not interesting enough to take me down every tech tree. I have written some off as "will never bother". More of them in there might help.

  • Create some options for Alternate Primary ship weapons and put those in Rank 5. These could be very specific weapons that help counter strategies that maybe upsetting players. The sort of "Rock, Paper, Scissor" answer to fleet strategies. Just the lure of some something like a Monster Flak Cannon would make me want to get it.

  • Allow any ship to be included in a fleet more than once, so we can have alternate load outs, or provide a means that we can purchase that option in the tech tree. That way I could have load out to counter problem setups encountered during battles. Like an Anti-Corvette load out for those 4 Corvette games. This could improve some matchup problems.

Yeah, the not having different load outs sucks. I always had my anti-Corvette ship, my nuke/missile ship, and my standard go-to- favorites.

Now if I guess wrong, I feel like I wasted my Queue time.

VETERAN queues are probably going to remain bad till everyone has T4. There is no economic reason to grind out XP in a VETERAN game as Tier 3. You suffer repair costs and put yourself at a handicap for wins.

You are better to queue endless RECRUIT games till you have the cash to skip T3 and jump right to T4.

This does have to be addressed. I'm just skipping Tier 3. There's nothing fun about losing because the other ship is just more powerful, and as the weak ship on a team, you become the person the other team focus fires over and over for easy kills. Making our team lose more, and me have repair costs.

I have a Ceres and a Gravis, but I'll just grind out RECRUIT games with my Tier 2s, rather than play those in the VETERAN game versus Tier 4s. Grinding out RECRUIT games is faster with the Queue, has no repair costs. So effectively Tier 3 is a dead Tier, with no smart reason to play it.

Once I get the Tier 4 upgrades for those ships, then I will Queue VETERAN.

They could do something to Buff Tier 3s in a Veteran game, just so it's more even for everyone. It sucks even more it you're a Tier 2 that they bump up to Veteran to fill a last spot.