Recruit Fleet getting matches like every 3 minutes... Have been going non-stop for a few hours.

I am doing Recruit Fleet 3X T1 ships, 2X T2 Ships. Queue is about 3 minutes, only matched versus T1 and T2

Been trying this. Stock your REcruit fleet with 3 T1s and 2 T2. It appears the matchmaker will never put you in a game with T4s because it see's on average less then T2 in your fleet.

QUOTE from Patch Notes

"It is still possible to match a fleet made entirely of Tier II and up ships with Tier IV, as they are within the same Veteran bracket."

Match making Designer should really play this a few times from the T2 perspective and tell us how fun it is.

Had this happen several times today. Made the game feel like a waste of time. Long queue to be blown out of space repeatedly by T4s. I was even top on our team, so must have been even worse for the rest of the players.

What is also unfair is they Queued as Veteran Fleet, I Queued as Recruit Fleet. So even if I wanted to swap to T4s in response, I could not, because my Recruit fleet can't have T4s in it.

Need to fix this pretty soon. Our patience wears thin. I can't even recommend this game to any of my friends in it's current state.

I had 2 really nice Recruit Fleet games this morning, lots of fun, very close. I started to think everything was fixed!

Then Boom! Back to swarms of T4 slaughtering T1 and T2. Even if you get lucky enough to get a T4 on your team. the other team just focus fires the T1 and T2s for fast kills.

Gonna go play Overwatch for a while, check back tomorrow see if things ever change.

I think SteelReign is completely correct.

I too love the combat in this game, and want to see it succeed, I just feel the matchmaking and progression wrapper around that combat is flawed.

There ya go Anyone! Anyone can wait 7 more days!

Could at least wait till Tomorrows patch. They said they would not match up the higher Tiers versus Tier 1 and 2 anymore.

I am really looking forward to that. I actually like just playing Tier 1 and 2. Tac Cruisers are a lot of fun in that environment.

I like the idea of Fighters or interceptors. Just seeing all those extra fighters zooming around would be very cool early game experience.

I agree with everyone about the muzzle velocity of the main guns. Very slow.

House Oberon ships are pretty cool looking. Would love to see a few more with those fluid lines.

I'd definitely pay cash for a cool looking Hero ship with that sort of Styling, gotta be a new look though, as I will be unlocking everything House Oberon.