For completeness I just finished one game and now my GP and XP are reporting expected amounts. Either playing a game fixed it or the devs did something while I was in match.

On my PS4 account both GP and XP are now 0, this is incorrect. GP was 1150 IIRC, can't remember what XP was. Please fix.


DN_Hardy#5317 posted (#post-179294) said:

Update: If any of you experience crashes, could you please provide the following information. What game mode you were in, what fleet you were in, and what ship you were using if possible? It will help us track down these crashes a bit better.

Crash midgame, using Veteran fleet, using Otranto in Team Deathmatch.

I've reinstalled the game and this still occurs pretty much one in five matches. This was occuring in beta yet you still deemed the game fit for launch, says a lot...

If your devs can't find the issue then may be you should make the client remember what match you were in so you can rejoin after restarting the game.

Thought it was just me. Even tried a reinstall but still crashes.

I agree for the most part Blaizeatri. Artillery cruisers I've found to be skill/team dependent. Corvettes are much easier to wrack up ridiculous killstreaks even against component teams, tier 2 are where corvettes seem to shine most, tier 3 seems more balanced.

What I've seen after 1 week of play:

- Module and Weapon descriptions are incomplete

- Some weapon upgrades show no improvement over their previous tier. Refer to Chernobog Repeater Guns I vs Repeater Guns II

- Being in a match with Tier +/- 2 is unbalanced given ship differences per tier are large. Would prefer only same tier matches or some advantage for the lower tier team

- At tier 3 the grind level gets extreme. Dread to think what tier 4 and 5 are like

- Joining an in progress match causes no HUD. To fix you need to open and close the scoreboard. Should this be called alpha?

- I also suffer from total loss of audio after a few matches

- Sometimes the background music will play two tracks at once

- Sometimes the audio will slow down seemingly with the processing power, for instance when I'm just cruising around its okay, but in a fight it'll stutter

- Had one match last week that the match score stayed at zero, thought we we're going to be there forever

- Veteran match today ended with a tie even though I think we had time remaining with both teams on 88 points, not 100% sure on this but pretty sure

I'm still learning the game but its fun however needs a lot more polish than what I originally expected from a closed beta, I would have called this alpha. Servers seem solid which is definitely a good start. When you get a bunch of players that know their role its amazingly fun. There's ongoing balance work to be done, if we get matches only with same tier ships that should be easier to achieve.