our team invited a small group of our highest skilled players to discuss our balance plans

suggested that we maybe over-nerfed Adrenaline Shot

Heh, the players who have best adapted to the current meta are pro-status quo, and agaisnt any rebalance, what a surprise.

Qtreiber#9138 posted (#post-223913) said:

IIf 100.000 players would join and all get to veteran fleet in like a week there would be almost only new players in the queue , they would outnumber the "old" players by a big margin.

Except the old players will always be on the same team, cause squads and the games will be even more disbalanced, since if you inject 100k of completely new players (really optimistic number imo), with the current matchmaking it will practically guarantee that the 3x squad will be matched vs 8 fresh newcomers on stock T3 buckets.

Oh look, amerigun playing with 0 latency vs people with 300ms ping suddenly discovered those people may have an unfair advantage over him.

You should write to your congressman about it, maybe they will impose tariffs on thier datastream so their ping becomes 500ms

What you only got scrambler mines just now on ps?

It's not even necessarily the squads that are problem, but the MM itself, or rather the lack of it. The game can easily match 5 50lvls on one team vs 1-2 and a few bots on another even when everyone is solo.

At least some sort of a matching algorithm is needed that would balance teams by the amount of experience and T4 ships in their fleets for a starter. If there's no squad to balance against a squad, the mm can at least make sure the other team gets the stronger ones of the solo queuers available and if there's no 16 players in total, the team with the premade gets the bot, not the other way around, etc.

I even forgot there was something before this top 3 screen and was reminded by your post.

Indeed, that old screen was much cooler. What's of emotes they've recently disabled them on PC and now only 2 captians are animated, while the top one player is locked in stasis and doesn't even breath in reward for his/er performance.

I didn't mind emotes, they should have just let us pick them or just remove the douchy ones. Salute one was ok and I liked the shrugging animation too.

But yeah, the old screen was probably better.

DN_Svenice#5360 posted (#post-220456) said:

once we have a larger player base with Steam

You make it sound like it's already a done deal while I very much doubt it is. Steam is not a magic pill that gives you free +1000% to playerbase. Dreadnought isn't going to be the only game on Steam, not even the only space sim game and not even the only f2p space sim game there. Fractured Space has been on steam for years and it has an even smaller player base, if any at all still.

If players are complaining and quitting now, what is the reason for expecting it to change with Steam release, especially considering it won't even be in beta by then? All these problems should be addressed before the game drops to Steam so that new influx of players doesn't have to face them, else there's a good chance they'll just leave like the previous ones, but this time leaving a red review on their way out, instead of complaint on the forum.

I like how you all keep having serious discusiosn with solemn faces about where this or that tier belongs while there's no reason at for transitional tiers to exist.

Literaly just getting rid of tiers 1 and 3 and moving the combined grind associated with it by distributing the total cost of T3 modules over all T4 modules would solve all the problems of this kind.

A player moving to veteran would start with what is equivalent of the current stock T4 ships without OBs and would just have to grind exactly the same amount of time to T5, because all mods would be a bit more expensive and that's that. But they would do it on a normal, albeit stock version of the ship instead of a demo vessel and wouldn't complain all the time about being assigned as meat for the T4 meat grinder by the game.

Nexeroff#4718 posted (#post-220423) said:

You should check out the cost of T5 modules. =)

Not as bad tho as they are like 50% more expensive than T4 while T4 mods are 200% more expensive than T3.

Panzer_Yoshi#4988 posted (#post-220414) said:

Onslaught match, active participation, no battle bonus

Why play without battle bonus tho? All rewards are balanced around gains with the battle bonus.
Refreshing it after every game for credits will pay off since you'll get those credits back anyway if you make at least 1200 but also you'll receive twice as much xp