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The other thing is steam players are very unforgiving. A game lives and dieds by player reviews on steam. Keep that in mind. The gamble is more players for things to work ad it should.

Except to get more players, things have to work as they should first, else you're only getting more negative reviews. I'm still pretty sure the problem is not just the low publicity but the low player retention too. Newcomer come, see the grind, see how they get tomped, see the rewars they get for getting stomped and say no thanks. Where's guarantee it won't be the same way with the steam playerbase? Except the flocks will be bigger and this time they'll have a chance to immortalise their displeasure on the steam store page, so if devs have been waiting for the giant playerbase to fix their mm, they better roll out the fix before the new arrival starts.

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254 xp for corvette - 598 xp for dreadnaught all in one game proving grounds .

its way too little xp or i just have to delete the game .

Proving grounds is a training mode vs bots, ofc it gives little. Both XP and credit gains are much higher in normal games.

After this maintenance:

1 Xp rewards in Onslaught and TDM seem to have been reduced by about 50% or so.

2 Conquest matches cannot be found. Queued for a total of like 1.5 hours for Conquest only (veteran) and not a single game, even though yesterday they popped regularly when I searched "any" during the same time of the day.

What gives?

Well they unbanned 5 millions addresses a few days ago, but yours wasn't among them.

So far the only things that are blocked are logging in into the launcher and checking for updates (but not downloading them), so it's not a big a problem now, but I was wondering about how it's going to look like when the game moves onto Steam. Will the launcher be discarded altogether and updates be loaded through Steam servers or you are going to integrate this launcher's function into the game client itself? Cause that could make playing problematic as it'd require keeping vpn up all the time, instead of just a few minutes to check for an update and start downloading it.

I quickly scrolled through the Dreadnought public group on a russian fb knockoff and it seems lees than a half players are affected by it as some ISPs just ignore the rkn nonsense. Those who are already playing and are affected simply use VPNs but I imagine it may potentially turn the new players away as you download the launcher before you download the game and if someone tries it they won't even be able to start installing Dreadnought so they'll probably just drop instead of going on a research about what could be the reason of it all and then setting up a VPN just to check out the game they know nothing about yet.

I don't get this fuss with elite, it gives you like a few extra k xp in a good match and if it's a bad one, which will be the case if you're just out of recruit and play a stock t3 ship without ob, there'll barely be any difference elite or not.

The problem is not the grind, but the lack of balance in ships, classes and matchmaking. There's no reason one must hate the grind, if they can enjoy the game itself in the process. Alas, that's hardly possible with the current progression system that takes players who are already at a disadvantage due to having less experience and sends them to compete against the best the game has to offer while giving them a demo version of a ship. New players come into veteran, get shat on by a triple x squad, flying fully equipped T4 ships, check out their reward, then quickly estimate how many more such games they'll have to play before they have at least one fully loaded t4 ships with at least 1-2 obs and uninstall and that's if they don't get the impression that this tiers business is a sign of a p2w model, which I've seen newer players complain about in the game chat after getting stomped by ships and modules they haven't ever seen. Cause if your game is not p2w, that is good, but not too much good if it still appears to be p2w on the first glance to some.

I bet my account on it that this is how it goes in most of the cases. And nothing is ever being done because unlike the "esteemed community members" who either played since the closed alpha and never faced the situation of climbing to a hilltop that was already occupied or just got through it and think that others should too, the players who come and go don't usually rush to forums to start debates and at the very best will just visit once and make one poorly-articulated thread that will be quickly visited by a dreadnought welcoming committee that will fend off all of their claims with the argumentation type of "we like it so it is good" which will hardly persuade the player to stay and reconsider his first impression.

This is clearly the same kind of a feedback the developers mostly get, since if you post on the forums, you probably play the game, and if you play it, you probably like it and if you like it then you don't want it to be changed, at least not drastically, so the discussion gets locked in a positive feedback loop which makes the impression that everyone in the world likes Dreadnought. But if the majority of the opinions are positive, yet the game's playerbase still isn't rising, then maybe it's time to consider the possibility that that those who give them are not representative of the majority of potential players and it's time to at least look into minority reports, if not elsewhere entirely.

As a matter if fact it's not the game, but only the launcher, that is blocked.

The GB services and the dreadnought game servers themselves are accessible just fine, but the launcher connects to several addresses on the start, including which is the only one that's blocked, so the launcher cannot start. If you can circumvent it and get into the game, it will work as usual.

You can even download an update by initiating it via VPN - start downloading, pause, turn VPN off and keep downloading normally. The only thing that cannot be downloaded directly is "dreadnought metafile" whatever that is.

The maintenance system has always been aimed at creating encouragement to spend gp on credit packs.

This system continues the logic perfectly and you can even play the game without having to part with the credits that you already have - you simply don't get them in the first place.

Tbh I'd prefer if they just made it p2p, cause I already see where this is going.

As game develops, there will be new ships and new classes added and every time you will be faced with a dilemma to either start grinding from T1 to T4, constantly getting humiliated by higher-tier ships in the process, or donate to get free xp and skip it. Not the kind of system I wanna get into.

Would be much better if you could pay once, either for the game itself, or some sort of an utility function (for example, they could make it so that non-donaters can only hold X amount of ships at a time and need to either purchase additional hangar slot or cut one of their ship on scrap metal if they are at maximum capacity and want a new one) and then just donate optionally, if you wanted a new skin or something.

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They shouldn't be able to assault blink warp/run and gun/heal all in one setup with impunity like that. They're supposed to be a counter artillery cruiser, not a one man army.

Funnily enough, during the little time I played on T3 corvette I remember being killed more times by a random snipe of an arty or a bunch of healers diverting their beams on me all at once, than by destroyers or a dreadnought.

It should be completely the opposite in my opinion - corvettes should be untargetable for arties and be super efficient against healers but be helpless against heavier ships.

Otherwise it's not exactly clear how the gameplay was intended to look like in creators' vision. Right now if there is an entrenched ball of healers, there is nothing one can do, unless the entire team attempts coordinated flanking maneuver all together (which is clearly not likely to happen in a pub) or enemies start goofing and die getting greedy for a faster frag. Corvettes, in my opinion, should be a remedy for exactly this kind of occasion, but the thing is, right now, if enemies have more than 1 healer and a proper formation, there's not much one can do solo, corvettes or not, as he will need to attack a ship that is most efficient against him, while that ship will be healed by another healer, all while possibly having to enter a flak range of other ships that stay close for healing pods.

So instead he resorts to ruining the day for some one beginner player, who was unfortunate enough to have 5 T2 ships in his recruit fleet by killing him over and over as he tries to rejoin his team after accidentally throwing once and he may end up having a good score, but the game is still lost and the role of corvettes is still questionable.

I am certain they should do nothing with corvettes until the aim "assist" is dealt with and we can see how it plays out.

Maybe corvettes will become unplayable without any nerfs, once everyone can hit it and not just those who have 50- ping.