ok but what about players who don't have 2 tier 4 ships or higher? and some people can't make 3500 per vet match, you have to remember that not everyone has the same skill level. most ppl average about 600-2000 credits and 2-3.5k xp per match on the lowish end without battle bonus. so it would take the average person 2 matches just to afford the battle bonus and if they lose the match after buying it then they have to grind that much more with nothing to show for it.

and at 600-1500 credits and 2000-3500 xp per match it would take a LONG time for a casual player to get enough xp to even think about unlocking a tier 4 ship (about 40ish matches in a single ship) let alone purchasing one at 90,000-95,000 credits (around 100 matches) and after that its another 14,000-29,000 xp to unlock tier 4 modules ,at the same pay rate, just to unlock a module and then the same amount of credits again to purchase it. yes its easy once your in top tier matches but if you don't have multiple tier 4s or 5s it takes weeks of grinding for a casual player just to make even the smallest amount of progress after tier 3 and it is very discouraging. especially if you spend all that time to get a ship only to realize it doesn't fit your play style.

the battle rewards do need a buff for vet level matches.

I'm having the same problem, If I don't lose connection when i try to log in then i get kicked from a match after a few minutes

i found a way around the MM problem. Slot a single tier 1 ship in your Recruit fleet. As long as the tier 1 ship is slotted the game will only match you with Recruit matches regardless of whether the tier 1 ship is played or not.

simple way around the match making.

not sure how much of a help this will be but if you find that you are getting put in to veteran (tier 2-4) matches while looking for a Recruit (tier 1-2) match just add a tier 1 ship to your Recruit fleet. You don't have to actually play the ship but as long as there is a single Tier 1 ship in your fleet the game will only match your fleet with Recruit level matches.

would love a key if anyone has spares