Just want to tip people off to the fact we have a Player Voice section of the forums now so we can put forward to the dev team changes we want. I took the liberty to put up a topic about carriers (or at least fighter module improvements). Go ahead and voice your support and opinions there.

What I find interesting is that we get the light dreadnought and the heavy destroyer first. They play very similar roles in a lot of ways being able to absorb some punishment while still being mobile. It is almost like we don't see the difference in how the average destroyer and dreadnought gameplay would be more like since we get two ships that play almost the same role.

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EDIT: not to mention you run the risk of teamkilling corvettes and other friendlies who end up being very aggressive. I have played against nuke spam teams and won solely based on having a team that knew to always raise shields and heal up after the impact. The fact that the actual DPM of the nuke is rather low leaves the team with the nukes open to being counter engaged and broadsided to death.

You cannot damage allies, not even with nukes.

You can only damage yourself or enemies.

I was not aware of that part. At least now I know I can be more liberal about them.

Considering they are not supposed to be 'upgraded' versions of the starter ships it makes sense. Remember that some of them go from being a 'medium' chassis to a 'light' while others go from 'light' to medium'.

I would rather point out that some of them are pretty good for other reasons though. The destroyer makes a great ram option since you can maneuver easier to get into a ramming vector without sacrificing too much armor. Also the fact you can do more boom and scoot than your larger brother leads to some great flanking it can get.

The corvette is really great at avoiding damage even with its low health and considering the weapon it has I would reckon it may be the best contender for anti corvette, corvette.

The dreadnought is pretty alright since you are getting some good health buffs and better range on your main guns at the sake of maneuverability.

The arty ship is just straight up better. Easier to survive ganks and the gun performs better than the light version. Your lack of speed isn't really noticed over the starter one since most of the time you are a sitting duck anyway.

The tac cruiser... well I would just like to say that is performs somewhat like a cross between a tac cruiser and a destroyer. You lack some of the healing output but you got all the same support slots (so fit like automatic beams, healing drones, healing pod to get some alright healing output) but the damage is pretty alright for having that much healing output. I still am not too sure on how I feel about this ship but I think it would be a pretty good match for a team that consists of say no arty or vetts and you need the extra bit of healing.

Honestly if you are paying attention to incoming nukes and you are too slow to get out of dodge just shields up since you will negate most of the damage. As much as the spam mechanic works I feel nukes give the enemy a lot of time to prep and stop the incoming damage. Not to mention as people have said before since the game is new and most players right now lack the situational awareness to always be on top of incoming nukes you will get away with this more often than not.

EDIT: not to mention you run the risk of teamkilling corvettes and other friendlies who end up being very aggressive. I have played against nuke spam teams and won solely based on having a team that knew to always raise shields and heal up after the impact. The fact that the actual DPM of the nuke is rather low leaves the team with the nukes open to being counter engaged and broadsided to death.

They do wonders against corvettes but that is just about it from what I can tell. After playing a few games with the Fighters module here is what I notice.

  • The module tooltip is bugged because the cooldown is not 180 seconds

  • The tooltip also states that they have an unlimited range. This is not true because there is NO range on them because this ability is not a targeted one.

  • They orbit the ship around 1k and will follow you anywhere however if you warp they do not warp with you but fly to your location.

  • They automatically engage anything around 2k for pretty decent damage per run but I believe the DPM is lower than a broadside.

  • The AI is TERRIBLE at avoiding things. They run into allies, walls, enemy ships and even your own ship and die when they do.

My thoughts on how to improve them...

  • Make the damage per run more noticeable by having them drop their payload but require a return to ship to reload. Or even just improve the DPM slightly.

  • Make it so you can change the ship they are protecting by pressing the key again while targeting an ally and make it so you can target an enemy to send them out at further range.

  • Improve the pathing for the AI or at least make them 'bump' off of objects instead of dying.

  • Improve the speed so they can avoid more damage because right now they are far too easy to shoot down.

  • Allow them to 'dock up' when you go into warp so you can launch them right before jumping and they can be useful upon arrival.

A few things I have thought of as well...

  • Primary module for corvettes that allows them to shoot from stealth. Breaking on damage taken and reduces their move speed while active. Forcing the Corvette to be uncloaked while it advances and probably use some energy on maneuvers would be a pretty good balancing factor if you ask me.

  • Primary module for corvettes that gives them a miniature nuke. Less damage than what you would see on a dreadnought but giving them something with a large blast radius to help break up blobbed up blockades would be great.

  • Primary module for tac cruisers. Tractor beam on ally. It would give them an option to move an ally out of danger faster so they can heal them up.

    -Secondary module for destroyers. Alternative missile launcher to the torpedo. More range but less damage. Right now there is only one single damage option and a bunch of support options. Although support options are great it would be nice to get some variety in that slot for destroyers who wanted to take long range missiles in their primary.

  • Railgun secondary weapon for most ships to offer a long range alternative to their main gun however it's damage curve is inverse. Gaining more power the further it goes. (physics would state that a fast moving object would punch a hole however slower moving projectile will tumble in the target and do more damage. Perfect reasoning right there for an inverse damage curve). This would give destroyers and dreadnoughts a good alternative when at range but as enemies close the gap they would need to switch to better weapons.

More area denial would be cool to discourage grouping up. Maybe have a new dreadnought or destroyer chassis that uses mortars that explode on impact with an area of effect as their primary weapon. Sniper ship that fires fast moving nukes instead of slow ones however it has a longer reloading time than most other sniper weapons. Tac cruisers that have a reverse tractor beam that can push away targets so they can buy time when a corvette uncloaks right next to them.

I second the notion of varying primary weapons. There are a lot of things that can be done with this and it would help break up the notion that every Dreadnought and Destroyer class ship has to just be a gunboat with the same gun. At least I would like to see some variation on ranges and fire rates between the different sizes. Make the lighter ships have faster short range guns while the bigger ones have longer range slower fire rate guns.

I think one of the biggest things I have noticed so far is the the difference between a lot of the secondary weapons and primary weapons is almost nonexistant for some classes. Destroyers and Dreadnoughts show this off the worst. The only secondaries that seem worth it are the Flak guns and even then their usage is limited. I would love to see things like missiles with low damage but decent explosion radius rail guns with low falloff and large range instead of secondaries that have almost equal stats to the main guns. Don't get me wrong maybe there is a difference but I'm really not seeing much of one but I almost never switch to a secondary unless I was in a tac cruser.

Power distribution bit seems a bit odd to me. It would be confusing to a player who does not understand that is built into the ship. Maybe instead of baking it into the ship you have a 5th module slot or make it an order? Like you have a choice between a few different ways your power routing can effect other aspects. I am aware that we have some movement based things but I would like to see more interesting and gameplay changing effects come from power routing. Ways to customize it would be real cool.

For most of the healing ships I tend to find that the beam is just a bit too strong. After playing them often and playing against them when someone on my team takes one I tend to see that it is rather hard to break a target if you can't get to the healer.

What I would rather see is the healing of the beam to be reduced slightly so that it is easier to break a targets heals HOWEVER increase their healing of the beam when you overcharge it. At least then it gives them a bit more burst healing potential but in the long run if they have to maintain long term healing like in a blockade situation they will not be able to keep up with the demand.

Just my 2c though. I still think right now it is fairly balanced. Snipers and corvettes can really put the hurt on healers who are caught out and more often than not in a lot of my pug games the the healers are constantly ganked by them.