As people have said the ui is getting a full overhaul in june/july.

In regards to The getting stomped part my advise is don't rush in. Accept that your opponents are in better ships and have more experience than you. Play accordingly. Make sure you focus fire on 1 enemy as a team by using the fist flag.

If you are in a destroyer don't be afraid to engage at long range and retreat early. Also don't be afraid to rush their healer and trade yourself for him.

A Healer is the best way to learn t4 in my opinion. The single most important thing about healer is positioning positioning positioning. Make sure you can see your team, make sure you have a route planned to the next spot and make sure the enemy can't see you. Keep an eye on the radar and the pointers on screen and make sure your flag every enemy you see. Call focus fire for your teammates (generally enemy healer or whatever's weakest) but don't be afraid to change the focus fire tag to a destroyer or corvette that's coming for you.

The biggest difference is get yourself a squad and talk on comms. This is a team game and a full squad can still play And win against t4s.

Finally consider that if you come up battling And training in a t3 your Going to be a monster in a fully kitted t4

Good luck!

The general consensus on my full group chat and communities is that the servers have been much better since the backend maintenece. Lots of comments on fast queues, better bots and the joys of Secondary loadouts!

Well done guys! Even seeing some more people becoming active again.


Thanks for the info! Let you know by getting people to post here or is there a way to direct message you?

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Thanks for getting back to us on this. Im sorry for being less than polite I'N the other thread. Just frustrated. I'll post this in my group chat and hopefully everyone who has been discussing this there can help.

For now. Yes I'm definitely EU

Dark has worked super hard to put this in a constructive manner. I second everything said here and i really do see such potential in this update (despite what my caffeine induced rant on the forum may suggest).

Its just so frustrating to spend time convincing freinds that it's time to give dreadnought a second chance and then have them literally unable to play

I really can see just how much work and love has gone into adding new features to the game and they are all great. They really are!

I just wish i could actually use them

4/4 Matches have crashed tonight before exp or credits get given. I just got inserted into a 'any' match mid easy through and it was me and 4 bots. 2hrs and no games effectively

I have literally restarted due to the lag more times than i have had matches. I invited freinds back to this and they came. 1.5hrs in and they think its worse than before and they have gone back to other games!

So i just successfully completed my first match but it booted me After 1 second in the post game screen. No exp or credits issued...