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That the match making is horrible is already known, and we have more threads about this than I want to count.

We're like rank 35-43, and it happens from time to time that we get teams with rank 0-20.

That said, the rank doesn't say much. It's all about experience. Considering there were a few wipes, even some 0 ranks could play like 50 ranks.

I do believe my one & only time playing 5 man was against you & co.

The result was utter domination but it was quite fun meeting a very skilled team.

Obviously matchmaking needs changing but atleast I can play nowsmile

Try to force yourself to look at the map every 30 seconds, even for just a second.

Just incase an enemies flanking or if you see a corvette on the map thats close by, hes probably gonna go gungho and rekt someone.

Depending on what you play i.e if you play arty or healer. You'll be a corvettes prime target.

Or if you have Arty/healer, keep an eye on them if the enemy has a corvette as they'll be targeted eventually.

If you die alot, perhaps your being over aggressive.

If your playing with a team over voice chat, your style of play will probably be a hella lot different to solo play or voiceless communication. You can dive in, if you know your team mates will follow you.

In solo or voiceless, you have no idea they'll follow you they'll probably just ignore you even if you spam for help.

Tunnel vision is something that affects alot of players in these type of games, certainly affects me.

Try & get into a position so that only the target your hitting can see you/ hit you.

Its not worth getting hit by more than one ship even with a healer unless your certain you can kill one of the enemies / win the engagement.

What class do you mainly play?

Obviously this depends on the healer.

I only have experience with the t1 healer.

With i guess the standard load out.

Beam - pod - the dual healing thingy - Energy generator.

Using all of them (with weapon thing on)

Will not heal a dreadnough in 2-3 seconds LOL even if hes not getting hit.

1-2 ships hitting a dread with shields you will outheal the damage.

Without shield 2ships hitting it'll be a power struggle.

More than that, no chance.

they aren't op, the only thing I'd declare as overpowered about healers is the amount of experience they get.

This happened to me in one game.

The game did freeze and we were kicked out eventually.

This was coupled with another bug, I was in a party of 4 and only 2 of us got into that game.

The other 2 said after game it appeared we had left the squad

But during the game I saw those two chatting away in squad chat.

Enter for all chat, during game & after.

Shift / enter i believe for team chat

Add a few randoms if you can, from these forums.

Group up & you should get in within 1 - 2minutes in tdm.

Happened to me last few days 20mins + wait time without getting a game vs grouping & under minute queue times.

I'm 100% certain theres a bug.

I've never seen a game in multiplayer where theres more groupees than solo players.

  • infact not sure you can do that in tutorial mission :/

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Speaking for the elitist. In my opinion, they should make the game as awesome as possible, with as large teams as possible while maintaining balance and screw minimum system specs. Boohoo, some people won't be able to play the game. Keep your systems up to spec or don't expect to play new, high tech games. Its common sense. If you can't afford a better PC, then PC gaming is not for you! It's an inherently expensive hobby!

Its not just about being low end for the players to be able to play.

Its so they have a better chance at sustaining a player base.

Higher the specs = less players = less chance of this game being to able to grow.

I want this game to be successful, the new TF2.

I imagine it will be a great game on release but not all 'great games' get enough attention.

Also, 20vs20 probably isn't feasible in this game.

As i said, 8vs8 game mode is much more suitable.

They'd have to build maps 2-3 times larger.

Means getting from one side to another will be pretty grueling in a slow ship.

And then you consider the balancing side, getting enough players in.

Considering all the other potential game modes.

Healer camp fortresses. 1-2 healers are bad enough 10 healers? camped?

Consider the spawning aswell.

Its pretty fun getting spawned on one side of the map just behind the enemy. When your team are all on the other side.

20 -20 will just be hectic - no teamwork, call of duty style mob fests.

People are already constantly complaining about queue times now, whether thats a bug or an actual lack of players is something thats yet to be revealed.

So yeah, 20vs20 isn't something for this game.

8VS8 or maybe 10vs10 sure.

Nah, deff not 20-20.

That would make the minimum requirements for the game shoot up.

Especially considering the size of the ships.

An 8vs8 would be fun.

Id rather see game modes with objectives.

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I haven't been able to get a match all day

Try adding a few people and playing in a group. (Weirdly enough it works )

Has worked for me the last 2 days.

Solo queue seems to be bugged.

From not getting a game in 40mins, to playing 20+ games in a group with half the total queue time of when i went solo & didn't get a game.

Yeap that happened in one of my games.

Got kicked out after 5minutes.

Couldn't shoot/use abilities or damage enemies via rammingsmile

It was quite annoying as I was having a pretty good game at the time.