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Closed Beta progress was wiped prior to the Open Beta. You also have to link your GrayBox account with your steam account. To do that, scroll up to the top of the page at the very top you sould see graybox, your account name and logout.

click on your account name, then linked accounts, make sure steam is linked. if you have anything unlocked on your acocunt, you should then see it on steam.

-Open File Explorer.
-Right Click on “This PC”
-Choose Properties
-Select Advanced System Settings
-Select Environment Variables
-Select New under System Variables
-Enter the following:
Variable name: OPENSSL_ia32cap
Variable value: ~0x200000200000000 -Hit Okay


properties - launch options
paste: cmd /c "set OPENSSL_ia32cap=:~0x20000000 && %command%"

make sure the game and launcher are closed.

the discord is the place to be. I'm not even sure the devs visit theses forums anymore.

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Hi,I want to send a freind an Invitation for an armada,but it is`nt working or we do not know where the requests are.

After a long time I have restarted to play Dreadnought again. This time with my kids. It is impossible now to get my kids and myself into one armada. Two of us works, but not three. I think it could be a problem that we are behind the same nat router (fritzbox). Could anyone confirm this or know a way we could fix this? Three players from one accesspoint should not be a problem today..

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have you tried contacting support? link is in my signature.

still the same as far as I'm aware.

no there is not. You can change your name, then make a new account using your old name.

Stasis ammo is a great counter to the Oberon Destroyers, As for the AV tac's, tarterus missiles exsist for this reason.

well I don't know what Miguel is up to theses days, but Kyle now works for Gearbox, and I believe Sean is working for Epic, but I could be wrong.

We can hope right?

contact support, link is in my signature below.