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Stasis ammo is a great counter to the Oberon Destroyers, As for the AV tac's, tarterus missiles exsist for this reason.

well I don't know what Miguel is up to theses days, but Kyle now works for Gearbox, and I believe Sean is working for Epic, but I could be wrong.

We can hope right?

contact support, link is in my signature below.

Iknow there was a credit reward maybe that's why you are seeing a drop? I'll let the devs know.

the engineer discord was closed also.

rupture beams, stasis ammo, disruptor missiles/beam/pulse, there are a boat load of counters to it. not to mention tarterus nuke.

going all damage has never been a good idea, also don't forget target warp on corvettes and dreads.

long load loads and missing the orbit ship select have been a problem for anyone with out a fast SSD. I have an old HDD, and I sometimes miss the orbit screen. It has been a problem for me since open Beta.

So unless you get an SSD, don't expect anything to change.

Also, veteran players will have game knowledge that new players don't, so they will still get smashed anyway. a wipe fixes nothing at best, the player count would go down as a result.

what the game needs is new game content. and an advertising push.

but we will get what we get.

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If I was the devs, I would be focusing on keeping existing players interested.

Yeah, but we're not spending any money so that's not gonna work. Besides, it's us who are scaring off the newer players anyways. A clean wipe would be the best thing.

that would drive veteran players away, and also they would have to give back all the elite that people had before the wipe. Not that it would help player retention.

The choices are clear... retain the new players in the current format or keep fluffing those who are scaring those newer players off. Give back money spent in pursuit of leveling up? In my view, playing a game is in the moment. I don't see how the challenge of starting over disdains that moment. I don't see how anyone is oweyd anything when long term game fixes are implimented. There is no monetary value to our successes and those who know what to do will rise again. While I would like to continue with m progress, I know my enjoyment would not be hindered. Although I wouldn't mind a faster progression rate.

people have spent money on elite to progress. You are asking to invalidate all the time and effort people have spent on the game so far, to pander to new players who are getting beaten by "veteran" players. I fail to see how that will save the game.

This game is not a mass appeal game. it was never going to be a hundreds of thousands of players game. it's a game that relies on builds and if you have the "wrong" build, you are just food for the other team. there are also the modules that people coming up don't know about, because they don't have a T3 equivalent. The problem is the power creep, and lack of understanding of how the game works dew to a poor tutorial. resetting everyone back to square one will not take away the game know how veteran players have.

Your idea is a delusional one. it will fix nothing, and probably do more harm than good, and just show players that all there time spent can be all for nothing for no real good reason.