The fighters do quite alot of damage but are a bad choice since there more like a DOT and have 1.5-2km range.

That been said Fighters alone can take out a Nox arty cruiser with out any help in around 15 seconds not great but there going to keep attacking even if you are scrambled.

There more or less never going to attack Vetts since by the time there going in on an attack run the Vett is dead or out of range. That makes them a poor counter to a ship you would expect them to be a good counter for.

Over all i think there damage per attack run needs to be higher to make them worth using as there just doing the damage to slow to make them worth taking over all other mods in that slot.

The Gora is fine it has alot of tank but not much firepower and its unable to run down the enemy if they pick to take cover.

The Gora is kind of forced to take missiles in the first slot due to speed and stops it been able to smash enemy camping spots. The lack of speed is what keeps the Gora in check balance wise.

The Athos on the other hand for a small loss in been able to tank has the speed to run down most enemys and get the kill the Gora would be unable to.

The ships each have there own play style the Gora is the Tank big and slow but is unable to take the fight to the enemy.

Kazuiyo#0677 posted (#post-31929)

Im sick of being called a hacker because this bug as well. Hopefully its fixed soon.

That would imply you are abusing the bug and think thats ok but at the same time unfair to be called a hacker for knowing about it but using it any way.

I have yet to see cheaters or players doing some thing that can not be done with the loadouts we have.

The Vetts taking damage cloaked but never decloak is just heavy cloak.

The super fast healing can be done with Beam Amp and power to weapons.

I have seen unkillable Dread/Destroyers but that can be down to many things IE healer out of sight or Armor amp/pluse or the Health amp or maybe the shield effect is bugged and not showing.

I am all most 100% sure no one is hacking as of yet that I have seen. I can not speak for others but so far if people are hacking the number is so low most people have yet to come across any hackers.

I oddly enough like the Invictus i find it works well but that could just be my play style works well with the ship.

That been said i think the Zemi should be the first that players can use since the Invictus has to be used right or its just not as good as a Zemi.

Brandiment#9177 posted (#post-27394)

Corvettes are suppose to be the anti dreadnought/destroyer tool, thats why you have to get smart fast to cope.

That is a bad joke there role is to take out support ships NOT destroyers and dreads.

The Vett is made to counter snipers and cruisers.

I am happy to wait for it to be stable and playable my self.

Good luck to who ever got in hope to join you in testing one day.

I think form the game play we have seen most ships do not last long enough to need this you attack before the team could respond to a call to focus the enemy is dead unless its a dread getting repaired.

Hey guys my first post is to beg for a key as that will work